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Small Change for Stuart Stuart Horten ten years old and small for his age moves to the dreary town of Beeton far away from all his friends And then he meets his new next door neighbours the unbreable Kingley triplets and things get even worseBut in Beeton begins the strangest adventure of Stuart's lifeHe is swept up in a uest to find his great uncle's lost workshop a work shop stuffed with trickery magic there are clues to follow and puzzles to solve but what starts as fun ends up as danger and Stuart begins to realize that he can't finish the task by himself

About the Author: Lissa Evans

After a brief career in medicine and an even briefer one in stand up Lissa Evans became a comedy producer first in radio and then in television Her first novel Spencer's List was published in 2002 and since then she has written three books for adults two of them longlisted for the OrangeBaileys Prize and two for children the first of them shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal Her tw

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    Good for teachers Meh for entertainmentI really liked the premise and the illustrations are charming but this just was too dry to really enjoy I can see teachers picking this up for a class read because kids can learn new words via the crossword creator father but that character is actually pretty obnoxious the you get into the book; like he seems like the dumb friend you have who got a word a day calendar and is trying to impress you but is just really inefficient with keeping a

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    Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer Becca WorthingtonRecommended for Boys and girls ages 8 and upOne Word Summary Mesmerizing My father used to do magic tricks at my siblings’ and my birthday parties when we were little It was basic beginner stuff—pick a card any card guess which tiny cup the fluff ball is under sleight of hand type novelty tricks—but it won us over nonetheless We sat there year after year a group of enthralled and entranced elementary schoolers on a green shag carpet ga

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    Stuart Horten and his family have recently moved back to his father's childhood hometown and Stuart discovers that his family has played uite an important role in local history Stuart solves the mystery of his missing great uncle Teeny Tiny Tony Horten and makes a great friend along the way Full of great language and vocabulary the story plays out with wit and style I especially liked Leonora and her seeing eye dog and the villainess reminded me of Cruella deVil Fun I've already reuested the

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    A very fun and enjoyable story

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    This is the Great Unexpected Dangerous story of the great magician Tony Horten the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance and the uest that a young boy undergoes to find the magician’s missing workshop and its miraculous mechanismsThe unlikely hero of this story is a small for his age 10 year old boy named him Stuart Horten by his very smart yet not entirely sensible parents With a name that could be shortened to S Horten Stuart who is indeed a child very small for his age is granted the nickname shor

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    This is a fun book which contains pretty much what it says on the tin magic mystery and a very strange adventureStuart moves with his family to his father's childhood town of Beeton much against his will When there he finds out some things about his family including the fact that his great uncle was a magician of the prestidigitation variety Half by accident Stuart is set on a journey to discover the lost workshop of his uncle coming across mysterious clues in a National Treasure type uestAs will happen along the wa

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    As a school teacher I see soooo many possibilities to integrate with this book While reading we could dive into a study on family history locate primary documents write memoirs from the point of view of a relative or fictional memoirs So many ideas running through my head as I read I also loved the pace of the book It is fast paced and exciting making a very fun read aloud Excited to read the seuel

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    I enjoyed this story about a boy named Horten who moves back to his ancestors' hometown and discovers a mystery waiting for him His great uncle had been a magician and his workshop was never discovered but Horten has found a few clues that might lead him to it I was strongly reminded of the Magic series by Bosch The Name of This Book is Secret and seuels a little bit of Grabenstein's Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library and a little of Patrick Carman's Floors

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    Brilliant Love the coins and the machines Love the triplets that live next door Love that the only books that I pick up believing to be one offs turn into series Here's hoping for a great couple of books to come

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