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Some Kind of Wonderful It's the kind of story investigative reporter Matt Winters writes about not the kind he wants to be living When he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep he panics then he desperately turns to his temptingly pretty neighbor Caitlyn Devereaux for help After all women are supposed to know everything about babies Caitlyn's natural sensuality intrigues Matt and heraching vulnerability as she holds the precious bundle piues his curiosityThe wedding gowns she creates are famous for fulfilling every bride'sfantasies yet she firmly says that marriage and motherhood are not for her But her kisses suddenly have Matt dreaming of something wonderful and soon he's determined to get this reluctant woman to change her mind

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    Ok I have been stalling This is only my 2nd read by Barbara Freethy after the wonderful Just the Way You AreI have to spend days to finish this book Sometimes I wonder whether this book is stuck at the 90s era we

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    I have to be up front here I am not the target audience for this genre I seldom read love stories as I find them predictable and cheesy However after reading a whole lot of legal thrillers and psychological thrill

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    Some Kind of Wonderful was just that I loved every page and will read this story over and over again I fell in love with Barbara Freethy's writing style a year ago and each story just grabs my heart than the last

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    This is a very heart warming story of people who care about family and looking for happinessThe characters are very likeable and believable and the storyline flows well

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    Hello and Welcome to another free form review This time I'm talking about Some Kind of Wonderful by Barbara Freethy It tells the story of Matt Winters an investigative reporter that moved back to the San Francisco ar

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    what can i say? It is a lite and easy read without too much surprise or any of the wow factor Its a simple love story its romance iits real What i wasn't expected is how well written this book to be without having it

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    Kind of schizo story line ordinary inoffensive romance plot about a wedding dress designer reporter and cute baby meets somewhat histrionic plot about a life altering accident and a controlling mother meets completely

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    I really enjoyed this one It may be a hard read for anyone that struggles with infertility but it's a beautifl story ofcoming together as a family I was hopimg there was a seuel when I reachedthe end

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    Matt is an investigative reporter that did not have a very good childhood He was torn away from his younger sister at the age of 16 and thrown into the foster care system because his mother had too many mental issues to

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    received a copy of Some Kind of Wonderful by Barbara Freethy in exchange for an honest reviewNote this review contains spoilersFour people who think that they are broken are brought together under the strangest circumstan

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