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Fairytales Slashed Volume 4 This is the fourth in the Fairytales Slashed series and I enjoyed it as much as the previous three While I have an eBook cutoff of 799 I did pay 899 for this book because I enjoyed the previous ones and with the number of works in this anthology I think it's worth itThe Fairy's Assistant 4 stars I enjoyed this story about Hayden a man who travels with his fairy Lily while doing good deeds In this story magic and magic users are banned and illegal Hayden is pursued by a knight of the kingdom who has suspicions that Hayden is a mage I thought this was a fun and cute story and I loved Hayden and Sir Sidney AckermanThe Prince of the Moon 5 stars I really enjoyed this story about a prince who is desperately seeking to break the curse that his mother a witch cast upon the kingdom In a classic example of the son suffering for the parent's sins Solae is shunned by his family and the kingdom as the evil witch spawn When he reaches out to a scholar to help him break the curse he is surprised and pleased when Millio de Wiste travels in person to his kingdom to assist I loved this story and the ending Very sweetLearning to See 5 stars this story was a fresh twist on Beauty and the Beast The twist is that while the Beast follows the classic tale of the cursed prince in hideous form the Beauty of the story is Brennin a merchant's third son who is badly disfigured from a childhood fire that killed his mother This story was very sweet and at times heart breaking This one was my favorite in the bunchCinder Elle 5 stars Another interpretation of the classic Cinderella tale Elle is the son of a Duke who lost his sight when young After the death of the Duke Elle's awful stepmother tries to put her son in Elle's place and forces Elle to be their servant Elle believes that no one would want a blind Duke anyway so he doesn't fight for his rightful birthright I really enjoyed this story as well Another sweet and satisfying fairytaleCapture the Moon 4 stars TRICKED This story was an FF romance and the story was cute but it was just not for me I still gave it 4 stars even though I didn't find it sexy Leí The Fairy's Assistant y Cinder Elle y los dos fueron aaawwww❤ Muy lindos Hayden me simpatizó mucho especialmente por su inseguridad al no saber leer escribir o el idioma de las hadas You're not stupid baby his insult you are amazing and wonderful and sweet and nice and good and just because you don't know those things doesn't mean you're less or stupidignorant you are far from that I love you Hayden cuchiY Elleron tan fuerte y valiente y good and nice and beautiful Su relación con Theo me pareció muy tierna El final me pareció un poco apresurado y me dio vergüenza ajena? en un momento de confrontación física entre Theo y Elle pero dentro de todo estuvo todo muy bien Las demás historias capaz las lea más adelante por ahora voy a leer otras ue me interesaron más Overall 5 stars as I enjoyed each tale although some suited me than others The Fariy's Assistant A new look at the Cinderella story with the added bonus of Sidney and Hayden I enjoyed the beginning and end of this story but felt the middle dragged a little I would of liked a little back ground on how Hayden and Lily bonded but apart from that this was a very satisfying read 35 stars The Prince of the Moon Megan Derr's worlds never fails to enthral meA wonderful twist on the Snow White fairy tale minus the dwarfs lol Millio and Solae were both heartbreaking and heart warming Together they made the perfect couple I never saw the slight twist at the end coming but it was perfectly doneIf I had any complaints its the lack of justice for the pair of them 5 stars Learning to See A true Beauty and the Beast tale My heart broke so many times for Brennin I would of liked a little payback on his behalf I would of Loved a little touch magic at the end too view spoiler Not for Brennins looks but to ease the pain and discomfort I was kinda hoping the original mage would turn up to work a little magic hide spoiler The Fairy's Assistant by Sasha L Miller 4 stars CinderellaThis has to be one of my favorite twists on Cinderella The Prince of the Moon by Megan Derr 3 stars I liked the idea and up until the ending which I felt was rather disappointing it was a really good story It's not it was a horrible ending just it didn't sit well with meLearning to See by Julia Alaric 2 stars Beauty and the BeastI don't really have much to say about this one Cinder Elle by Mell Eight 3 stars CinderellaLoved how it was Cinderella who didn't know the identity of his mysterious dance partner instead of the PrinceCapture the Moon by JL Merrow 2 starsI wasn't too fond of the style in which it was written The story itself was pretty okay I want a story about Felix though Excellent bar norm for less than three I can't say I had any complaints nor a favorite for the volume 4 mm stories and 1 ff story My favorite stories were Learning to See and Cinder Elle The MC's and the storyline for Learning to See was a bit similar to Amy Lane's Truth in the Dark Very entertaining perspectives on well liked fairytales The Fairy's Assistant Sasha L Miller ★★★★★Cute story with nice relationship development; my favourite of the bunchThe Prince of the Moon Megan Derr ★★★★An angsty take on Snow White My only complaint was that I found the ending to be a little lackluster since it felt like one of the characters pulled a behavioural one eighty just to conclude the storyLearning to See Julia Alaric ★★★Personally Beauty and the Beast has never been one of my favourite fairy tales While I liked this story I found it irritating that the main character could only look past ugliness and not beautyCinder Elle Mell Eight ★★★I liked the interactions between Elle and Theo but I struggle when characters convincingly cross dress in stories like this It takes than a dress and long hair to look like a womanCapture the Moon J L Merrow ★My least favourite story in the anthology; the introduction just didn't draw me in Also contains ff I readskimmed all of the fairytales except the last one They are nice enough but their length was daunting that for me resulted in losing steam thus skimming ensued Sometimes taking a chance on a stranger is worth the risk The Fairy's Assistant is a stranger wherever he goes except to the knight determined to capture him once and for all The Prince of the Moon desperately seeks to break the curse on his kingdom but will the stranger who arrives to help him prove to be only a hindrance In Learning to See a man saves his family by sacrificing everything to a stranger in a mysterious castle Cinder Elle lost his birthright alongside his vision and his dreary days are brightened only by a man he met by chance in the marketplace a man about whom he knows very little and Capture the Moon is about a woman who leaves home in the guise of a boy to see what the world has to offer The Fairy’s Assistant by Sasha Miller 35 stars 3h 0minA cinderella tale in a country where magic is forbidden

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The discovery at age five of her mother’s typewriter lurking the bowels of her basement inspired Julia’s first story a moving multi chaptered twelve sentence masterpiece about a blood thirsty blob Since then she’s gone on to write many vastly better spelled stories with much happier endingsJulia finds absolutely everything completely fascinating which is why she spends most of her time in a

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