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The Cowboys Princess Wife Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThe Cowboy’s Princess Wife was an ok bookAt first I just couldn’t get into the book It started out really slow I had to make myself read a little at a time About the middle of the book it started getting a really good plot and I started enjoying itCarlin is from Scotland and she is a princess She is so used to having what she wants and people doing what she says Haydon is an Earl and didn’t want a wife Put both of their personalities together and you know that tempers are going to be out of controlIn the middle of the book I could really start getting into it I enjoyed watching the two clash Started getting a little suspenseful when Carlin’s came because they both wanted to marry her and get her money that their grandfather left her when he diedI enjoyed watching Carlin and Haydon start working together to keep her safe from her cousinsI would’ve had a different start to the beginning of the book It just drags so much The ending was pretty good So I can’t say it was the worse book I’ve ever read and I did get some enjoyment out of it Even though she made a promise to her dying grandfather Carlin only intends to deliver the letter to the Earl and leave When he refuses to let her go she takes time to contemplate the situation and being attracted to him decides to give their marriage a chance Her husband was so annoying at times she re thinks her situation and once again makes plans to leave Surprised at finding two beautiful women in his parlor Haydon cannot deny the overwhelming attraction he feels towards one of them He is shocked senseless when he finds out his father has married him to the woman he desires Bound by duty and honor he can never let her go However it doesn’t take him long to become irritated with her and all the crap she fill his house with What makes him furious though was all the deceptionCan Haydon keep his princess wife safe Can their love for one another over come all the obstacles

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I live on a sixty five acre property two hours from Perth Western Australia with my husband Stephen we have a few cows sheep and plenty of kangaroos We have four children my son Jayde and daughters Tamara Kyrsty and Bradie and also five grandchildren so farThe serenity of our property makes it a great place to write No sirens no traffic and no neighbours Just the birds and the breeze in

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