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Masue of the Red Death Everything is in ruinsA devastating plague has decimated the population and those who are left live in fear of catching it as the city crumbles around themSo what does Araby Worth have to live forNights in the Debauchery Club beautiful dresses glittery makeup and tantalizing ways to forget it allBut in the depths of the club—in the depths of her own despair—Araby will find than oblivion She will find Will the terribly handsome proprietor of the club and Elliott the wickedly smart aristocrat Neither is what he seems Both have secrets Everyone doesAnd Araby may find not just something to live for but something to fight for—no matter what it costs her

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    Ah steampunk libertines Who'd have thought they'd be so appealing? Books that are heavily influenced by classic stories are always tricky particularly when it's as ambitious an undertaking as a story inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe classic I loved the lavish setting and moodiness of the original story so I had my doubts that anything could come close to capturing its crazy vi

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    i am unable to see magic eye puzzles whether it is my astigmatism or whatever is miswired in my brain that was giving me that off brand epilepsy some years back i am not able to get the same joy as others out of those things but i enjoy the enjoyment of others and i was really excited to find this on the free shelves at work knowing that other people had really loved it but fo

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    I really hate being a constant Debbie Downer but this is another throwaway unfortunately I've been unlucky with my book picks lately as you can tell So Masue of the Red Death Conceptually interesting and might I say stylish plague porcelain masues corsets steam carriages debauchery But why must it be essentially just like every other book that's been published in the genre over

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    Masue of the Red Death is oh so deliciously dark and twisty45 starsI adore dark fantastical and overly dramatic stories Who's with me? Let's go kick some flying monkeys everyone Kidding kidding Please guys treat your flying monkeys with respect Oz just wouldn't be as much fun without them The Rundown Araby Worth lives in a chilling death ridden world where every day is a struggl

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    Masue of the Red Death has been my most anticipated book of the year since I discovered it last September I was obviously first attracted to it by its cover followed by its premise that talks of a gothic setting a plague apocalypse and a Debauchery club need I say ? As far as steampunk novels go this is easily my favorite I absolutely loved the atmosphere throughout the story The

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    Masue of the Red Death took a lot of risks Firstly it was based on Poe’s title of the same name And as every­one knows gen­er­ally you just don’t go mess­ing with PoeAll I’m say­ing is that shortly before this was taken that skele­ton was alive and very apologetic but ultimately doomedSec­ondly it’s a young adult novel that fea­tures drugs sex and alco­hol Thirdly

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    honestly? What the fuck did I just read? I'm 100% confused but I've never been so invested and eager to read on about something I don't fucking get Idk everything seemed to jump from scene to scene without any explanation and I just liked it There's shitty romance and characters but the plot's intriguing though it confused me375 stars

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    There's a part of me that thinks maybe I've been too hard on this but I'm going to let the two star review stand Araby Worth is the teenage daughter of a brilliant scientist who lives in the ritzy part of a plague city Most nights she goes out with her vapid friend April to the exclusive Debauchery Club to do drugs and walk around All the rich people wear masks and travel in steamco

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    We’ve all read the Masue of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe But have you ever wondered what kind of state the world would have to be in for such a tale to take place? In Bethany Griffin’s gripping novel which shares its title with Poe’s story we are swept into the inner workings of a bleak realm The world has been devestated by a fierce contagion Everyone must wear masks Every

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    Can I get the seuel to this ASAP please?This is one of those books where I wasn't expecting too much because I bought it so cheap So it actually surprised me how addictive it wasI've read Poe's The Masue of the Red Death and re read before reading this and always wanted MORE so finding this book was exactly what I needed Poe created such a fantastic setting then stiffed us with the ch

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