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The Forced Redundancy Film Club When five colleagues lose their jobs in a Dublin based global corporation they set up the Forced Redundancy Film Club where they meet monthly to watch their favourite classic movies in each other's houses This is a novel about unlikely friendship coping with unexpected change coming to terms with your past and facing new beginnings

About the Author: Brian Finnegan

I am the author of two novels 'The Forced Redundancy Film Club' and 'Knowing Me Knowing You' which have been bestsellers in Ireland The latter has just been translated into Norwegian with other translations pendingMy third novel will be published by Hachette in June 2017By day I'm a magazine editor and newspaper columnist

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    Pigeonholed into the ‘chic lit’ genre Brian Finnegan's The Forced Redundancy Club should really be given credit for capturing the zeitgeist of recession era Ireland and just about any country struggling under similar conditions while managing to keep the reader entertained in what could have been a fairly grim plod through a group of people’s misfortunes Instead Finnegan has shone a light on what will become a very dark cold period in Ireland’s history and has given it some much nee

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    Finnegan’s novel much like his decision to get on the popular fiction dance floor is smart or as his publicist says a “high concept” debut Efficiently tapping into the zeitgeist Finnegan’s novel focuses on a bunch of thirtysomething Dublin based colleagues thrown to the lions of penury boredom and sexual misadventure when they are made redundant from their high spec office jobs and end up getting plastered in a local hostelry before forming an ad hoc film clubFinnegan sure footed and confi

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    What would you do if the world around you was crumbling and you had just lost your job ? Would you start looking for a new one accept the reality and move on sit and dwell on the negative or would you start a club ? One company wertec Solutions are letting their staff go one by one due to recession cut backs amongst those staff made redundant are five colleagues Never really spending time together in the past the five find themselves one night sharing a few rounds of beer and as the night winds down

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    Awesome read Tears were shed than a few smiles and a few laughs too The drama unfolds as the work colleagues loose their jobs in Irelands' recession While drowning their sorrows in the pub they decide to form a film club of which the movie titles give the novel its chapter structure This is clever witty informative and integral to the plot Taking only two sittings to read it can be safely said that The Forced Redundancy Film Club is a real page turner one of those memorable and heartwarming reads that will l

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    This is a desceptive book on the surface an easy and indeed enjoyable read under the surface it deals with a lot of human dilemmas as exemplified by the choice of films

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    I enjoyed the book but would have enjoyed it better if Jamie and Andrew and Saaed did not exist Just Katherine and Martin and Lisa and especially Alice would have been sufficient to make the book interesting

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    Was confused about how I would rate this book I have to be honest for the first part of the book I was actually a bitbored I didn´t connect with the characters and I found myself spending most of the time thinking about the fact that I miss Ireland Lived there a long time ago But something happened after about 60% of the book I use kindle so I always think in percentage I read the last part of the book in almost one sitting I even have to admit that I got a bit teary eyed and moved by how everything worked out I still end u

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    So 101 chapters and a changing PoV each time Not exactly my favourite type of book had I known that I probably would have given it a wide berth I can't actually pinpoint what I liked about this novel because there were so many aspects I didn't like For instance the characters are all a little underdeveloped and never jump off the page and despite being put through the wringer by all the things that happen to them they always seem very distanced to it all Even when one of them a mother snaps due to the immense pressure she is under t

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    35 starsI enjoyed this book It's in the 'chick lit' genre While the story line is predictable Brian has captured the difficulties faced by people during this recession be it by oneself or one's partner and the emotions difficulties involved Big topics such as alcoholism and adoption are also dealt with very well I enjoyed this book and always looked forward to picking it up to find out what happened next Not being a film buff I enjoyed the analysis of the movies

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    The Forced Redundancy Film Club is a warm witty book with astute observations about life in recessionary post Celtic Tiger Ireland It's a page turner making it a good holiday read a good rainy day read and a GREAT tired of hearing about recessionausterity measuresgloom and doom in the news book Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended

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