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For the Highlanders Pleasure Kg FOR THE HIGHLANDER'S PLEASURE by Joanne Rock is an exciting historical romance set in 1306 Scotland A uick fun read A sweet story of soul mates highlander'sclan's dangervengeance and love As danger lurks in the Woods of Caladan Finn and Violet find passion and love Follow Finn Mac Néill and Violet of Caladan on a passion filled adventure that may get them both killed I enjoyed this story of Finn and Violet Engaging characters and intriguing plot Scotland and Highlander's what could you want Received for an honest review from the publisher and Net Galley Details at Harleuin Historical Undone and My Book Addiction and MoreRATING 45HEAT RATING MILDREVIEWED BY AprilR My Book Addiction and MoreMy Book Addiction Reviews For the Highlander's Pleasure is a sweet short read by Joanne Rock that catapults you back to the year 1306 in springViolet of Caladan just tried out a love potion on her person since her father the Earl of Caladan is looking for a husband for her She wishes for loveattraction and gets an answer to her prayers in the form of Highlander Finn Mc Néill He is a warrior in his prime who will become the champion of Violets father against the danger lurking in the forest Violet is afraid that a stranger will not differ between her homeless friends and the fiend That is when she decides to warn at least Morag the medicine woman and Finn follows her secretly When it begins to pour Violet and Finn are forced to seek shelter But are they also save from their attraction for each otherViolet is innocent and sweet with a big heart for homeless people The fear for her wards is unfounded but she cannot know this As a Lady she is risking a lot while helping them and that is something to admireFinn is a true warrior but he is surprised by the intense attraction he feels toward Violet Originally he is looking for his brother's murderer However Violet poses a nice distraction he is willing to followJoanne Rock lets the story relate in third person by Violet and Finn which is just fine Since it is short and easier to understand when both views are present The feelings get across better and the connection to the characters is fasterThis was a nice short historical romance story and picked my interest even for the author and her other works A cute and entertaining little novella It's hard for me to rate novellas very highly because they lack the complexity and development that really entertain me This was good for a uick 45 minute read or so Violet is the Earl of Caladan's daughter and has been offerred in marriage to the champion who promises to rid the nearby woods of the murderer who killed one person but everyone is going on like he's a serial killer She spends a lot of time in the woods and is worried that this champion is going to kill innocent people or something Finn MacNeill is the champion who comes along and Violet is instantly in lust she believes its because of a love potion she took I liked the relationship between the two characters There was a bit of insta love but it wasn't really considered love They just claimed that it was recognition of another's destined mate and that's what that instant connection was about This author also has something of a gift for writing love scenes that aren't uite romantic but aren't erotica either The best word to describe it would be primal The rest of the story was a little pointlessthe killer her grumpy father etc It just didn't seem to perform much of a function Maybe they could have been worked into the story a bit better This is a good uick read Scotland 1306Violet of Caladan refuses to be any man's prize though her father insists she marry a warrior who can protect their land from a vicious killer Highlander Finn Mac Néill has answered her father's call for a champion to hunt the murderer but it is Violet who catches the seductive warrior's eye She cannot long resist Finn's sensual pursuit blaming a faulty love potion for her heated response to him But the longer she serves the Highlander's pleasure the she discovers her own desires

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USA Today bestselling author Joanne Rock writes romance novels in a variety of sub genres from family sagas to sexy contemporaries A popular workshop speaker Joanne parlays her experience in the college classroom to substantive seminars that motivate educate and inspire Her book Self Promotion Your Guide to Launching a Book is the culmination of reuests for her notes on this topic She has