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I Hate Everyone Starting with Me “How do I love thee Let me count the ways”—Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1850“How do I hate thee How much time do you have”—Joan Rivers 2012 Joan Rivers is a groundbreaking award winning internationally renowned entertainment goddess She’s also opinionated—especially when it comes to people she hates Like people who think giving birth is a uniue achievement Or well adjusted aka boring ex child stars who don’t even have a decent addictionWith all of her diverse experiences it stands to reason that Joan has seen done said and heard a lot of hateful things Thank god she took notesHere—uncensored and totally uninhibited—she gives the best of her worst to First Ladies closet cases hypocrites Hollywood feminists and overrated historical figures And even when letting herself have it Joan doesn’t hold back in this honest unabashedly hilarious love letter to the hater in all of us

About the Author: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers born Joan Sandra Molinsky was an American comedian actress talk show host businesswoman and celebrity She was known for her brash manner and loud raspy voice with a heavy metropolitan New York accent Rivers was the National Chairwoman of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is a board member of God's Love We Deliver Like the ground breaking Phyllis Diller Rivers' act relied he

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    When people tell you to go easy on the hate and your instinct is to keep the HATE on high but you know it's pissing people off well thanks to Joan I feel like I a self proclaimed HATERRR well belong Finally the long awaited BIBLE for HATERS Reading this one of the funniest books of all time is like reading the transcript of one of Miss Riv

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    Joan Rivers' achievements in fashion far outweighed her career as a comedian Before her the red carpet uestion was 'what are you wearing' if it was even asked and the outfit just described Stars dressed themselves at the time or had a friend or the studio help them Then Joan asked 'who are you wearing?' and that started a new career of stylists

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    Review to follow at some pointI love love love love her

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    What can I sayAn over inflated ego combined with a sense of self importance and a dire need for survival are the coloring pencils of this book I hate narcissists They never talk about me Yet the outrageous impolite often rude comments on everything and everybody all hid a lonely loving well educated person who had an agent and bank account for every word

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    “I Hate Everyone Starting With Me is a “hoot n holler” rollicking good read from the irrepressible Joan Rivers I had tired of Ms Rivers of late tired of her constant plastic surgeries and catty caustic banter But this book proves why she became famous in the first place She is side splittingly hilarious witty profane and obviously a very intelligent womanIf

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    FABULOUSLY FUNNY Bought this book in hardcover when it first came out Love this book so muchthat I keep my copy in my vehicle In the event I forgot to bring a book or I have a long wait somewhere for whatever reason my daughter or I will pick up this book and read aloud to each other and laugh 'til we have tears in our eyes We don't even use a bookmark Just pick it up

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    Note to those that hated this book because they were offended or it was too meanEither you don't know Joan Rivers or you didn't read the title of the book If you were expecting a memoir you must not have read the beginning of the book either where Joan explicitly states this is not a memoir it is a comedy book and reads like a long stand up routine Ignore that Goodreads tag

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    I fucking love this woman She's at the top of her game in her 70's and come back successfully from personal and career bad shit than I can comprehend And I mean truly at the top of her game; she knows her craft and herself and the business so well that she is untouchable in her particular form of comedy genius Un fucking touchable y'all You try itMost basically this book is a co

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    Let me start by saying I have never hated Joan Rivers In fact at one time I loved loved loved her Early in my career back in her can we talk days I interviewed her for a feature story and I still keep that yellow edged article in my portfolio because I enjoyed our conversation so much But in recent years I haven't loved her as much as I used to I saw her live a few years ago and felt li

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    Oh Joan you comedy goddess youwhy have you not been inducted into sainthood as the Patron Saint of Crones who Don't Give Two Shits or of simply being a fabulous woman? This here is a feminist icon ladies and gentsand even after she has left Earth her soul still resides here making us laugh and being a fashion ueen seriously her outfits are to KILL FORThis book made me miss the woman RIP Joan

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