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Blood Lies I thought I had scoped out the genre I seemed to spend the most time in I thought I had discovered all the authors and all of the styles that can be used to write about the sort of stuff that goes on in this genreAnd then I read my first Marcinko book Blood Lies And found a uniue author actually pair of authors Jim DeFelice is in their too writing in a uniue style Will definitely add them to my list of well liked authorsThe plot is like many others in this genre great lead a cool cast of surrounding characters if anything the bad guys are on the vaguely described side and the setting is a bit sparse But the way the story is told and the style used to do it are uite entertainingGreat read When the daughter of a retired Navy SEAL is kidnapped and held for ransom in Mexico Rogue Warrior Richard Marcinko and his band of Red Cell International warriors head south of the border to rescue her Along the way they encounter drug dealers and human traffickers break into a cartel kingpin's mansion and do battle with a hundred of the meanest banditos since Pancho Villa And just for good measure Marcinko uncovers a secret Hezbollah camp funded by the Iranian government and sheltered by the drug lordsBut the founder of SEAL Team 6 finds his toughest opponent may actually be the woman he's come to rescue And then there's the uestion of who really sent Dick to find herROGUE WARRIOR BLOOD LIES is a stunning new installment from writing team Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFelice It's Richard Marcinko; what else can I say This is not his best book nor is it his worse book; but none the less I enjoyed it I wish he was relevant to the Spec Ops environment these days but he has been retired for some time now He is one my favorite authors so I will buy and read every book he writes One of the things I really do enjoy about his stories is that he places himself directly in the line of fire in harm's way and leads from the front I know he did this as a practicing warrior and I am happy that he does it in his stories I also enjoy his ability to make mistakes and accept responsibility He shows temporary setbacks and errors; the incredible Mr Murphy always poking Marcinko in the eye He shows his imperfection and has done this in every one of his books fiction and non fiction; and I respect that immensely He gets his bumps and bruises just like every one else Too many novels these days have the hero emerge without a scratch from every scrimmage in which they find themselves A bit tiring and unrealistic Richard Marcinko is my favorite Spec Ops Warrior turned story teller and I respect him greatly for his service and leadership Keep the books coming Marcinko; I'll keep buying and reading them Maybe a half star less butVery well written very engaging great non stop action thankfully no sex scenes to distract from the story and great visual transference Marcinko does a great job of providing escapism with interesting characters the only flaw which is substantial is his incredibly inflated ego At times it gets in the way of the story as he writes from first person and weaves the reality of his success as a writer into the story I can appreciate his confidence as a SEAL and respect his accomplishments but at times his opinions push the envelope for credible writing into a bitch session about everything Other than that I will continue to read his work I love Marcinko His books have some of the best lines but Rogue Warrior Blood Lies is something of a mess when it comes to plot A mission to Mexico to rescue a former SEAL's daughter turns into a girls who doesn't want to be rescued rescuing the people who helped her rescuing an agent's parents fighting drug lords breaking people out of prisonand There's lots of action but who they are fighting and why uickly becomes obscured Blood Lies doesn't fight to the top of my Rogue Warrior book pile This is an ideal book for a SOF fanboy How I've missed the Rogue Warrior It's been years since I read his stuffStories like this one make you wish fervently that they were completely true Other than his first autobiographical entry in the Rogue Warrior series they've been marketed as fiction I tend to assume that they're heavily fictionalized retellings of adventures he's had since entering the private security fieldFor those unfamiliar with Marcinko let me give you a little taste of the way he combines humor and violence Describing the aftermath of a truck accident caused by a firefight between himself and some erstwhile kidnappers The occupants were scattered around it mostly doing what people tend to do right after they've broken their necks nothing If i were a woman I would say I can't get enough Dick Fast paced action packed OutstandingDemo Dick does it again Fantastic book Action from beginning to end I like the New characters I hope Dick marries Karen Like many post Weisman entries in this series has a good premise but struggles to maintain momentum beyond 100 pages

About the Author: Richard Marcinko

Richard Marcinko is the author of the Rogue Warrior thrillers and is a living breathing hero honored with the silver star and four bronze stars for valor along with two Navy Commendation medals and other honors After serving in Vietnam he went on to start and command SEAL Team 6 the Navy's anti terrorist group and Red Cell a high level anti terrorist unit Marcinko keeps his hand in the fie

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