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Cold Hands You thought you could leave the past behindThink againDonnie Miller counts himself lucky Living in a beautiful spacious house in the wild and remote landscape of central Canada he spends his days writing for the local newspaper working on a film script and acting as house husband After a troubled and impoverished upbringing in Scotland he now has all he wants a caring wife a bright and happy son a generous father in law As the brutal northern winter begins to bite he can sit back and enjoy lifeBut his peace is soon broken There are noises in the nearby woods signs of some mysterious watcher When the family dog disappears Donnie makes a horrifying discovery Is it wolves as the police suspect or something far dangerous far darker What secrets has Donnie been keeping And why does he have the terrible sense that his dream was never going to lastA taut shocking and visceral novel that will leave you gasping for breath Cold Hands is the first thriller by the remarkable John Niven Excellent gripping read I love they way John Niven writes Had a long journey so was able to read 34 of the book on the coach Really gripping thriller I had to finish it as soon as I got home Donnie Miller lives with his family outside Regina in central Canada After a troubled childhood in Scotland Donnie now leads a charmed life as a writer with a successful and wealthy wife a much loved son and a beautiful house Early in the book the family dog dies in mysterious circumstances Gradually it becomes apparent that Donnie's past hides a very nasty secret and that perhaps that past may be coming back to haunt himI didn't enjoy this book It starts well but then the pace slows and it seems to be going nowhere At the halfway mark I was on the point of giving up on it when suddenly it sprung into action However it very uickly turns into a totally improbable and very unpleasant bloodfest There's only minimal tension throughout as it's pretty obvious who will be behind what's happening and we know from the prologue that Donnie will survive In the place of tension we get very graphic violence instead I also didn't think the shifts between the past and present and later between alternative perspectives really worked There was the makings of a good thriller here but unfortunately the author doesn't uite pull it off This thriller starts out well enough with Donnie recounting the horrible events that made him the wreck he is at the beginning of the book Since this means he survived whatever happened the only uestion is what happened and why Scene wintry Saskatchewan a happy family of three living a life of leisure Donnie the house husband has a deep dark secret from his past in Scotland which is revealed in flashbacks though it's obvious what the secret is from the very first hints Now I don't consider what I'm about to say a spoiler I wish I had known this stuff before I started reading but just in case if you want to read the book with no preconception maybe stop now There is lots of foreboding so it comes as no surprise when the family dog is found eviscerated So far so good but then the bodies start piling up and all tension goes out the window It's a very simple revenge story with a ludicrous horror movie villain The last third of the book consists of elaborate torture scenes and no I am not bloody faint of heart nor did I find it shocking It was tedious and silly and since the characters were so poorly drawn I didn't give a damn about them getting hacked up and shotI'm sure this book has an audience and if you enjoy the whole superhuman killer flaying innocents thing this will be right up your alley Me I went in expecting something interesting and less predictable and was thus disappointed

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