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Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary I had been looking forward to going to France in the Easter holidays for weeks Admittedly it meant going with Mum and her annoying yuckily young French boyfriend Almond But I knew we would be staying at Almond's parents' place A CHATEAU Everyone knows 'chat' means 'cat' in French so I couldn't wait 2 whole weeks in a houseful of cats I love animalsTragically things NEVER work out as you expect Instead of a houseful of cats it turned out to be a houseful of Almond's annoying totally weird French family Before I had time to sueak 'murder' I was on the ghastly trail of a heartless criminal Could I Polly Price uncover the truth Well not if I was the chief suspect And not if I starved to death trying to find my way through long murky corridors to breakfast I knew I was in a race against time And I didn't even have a watch

About the Author: Dee Shulman

Dee studied English at York University and Illustration at Harrow School of Art She began her career in magazines book jackets cartoon strips and pop video storyboards and started writing for children when her own children were small In spite of a diet of gummy bears and sherbet fountains her children have insisted on growing up so her characters have had to grow up with them and now even

10 thoughts on “Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary

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    Overall rating45 stars

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    chatto very funny Polly good book

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    RTCI really enjoyed this and it was just a fun uick funny read I just wish that I knew how old she’s meant to be I want to read of these though

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    Polly Price has such a strong feeling about everything and she really doesn't want to spend a holiday at her mums boyfriend's home in France I absolutely loved this book and it is very funny there are a lot of accidents in the book and I think there could've been a bit less I would recommend this to everyone because it is such a funny book

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    cool but a bit boring

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    it was really good

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