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China Blues The Roaring Twenties Chinatown San Francisco back street blues and bathtub gin hardball mobsters and hardheaded cops seductive speakeasies and sizzling scandals As the young Louis Armstrong blows his horn in the infamous Blue Canary impetuous Nob Hill Socialite Elizabeth Stafford Hamilton plunges into a reckless affair with mysterious Li Kwan Won Unknown to Lizzie Li is the overlord of the city’s vast bootlegging empire—and archenemy of her powerful husband the San Francisco district attorney Suddenly Lizzie’s privileged upper crust life is shadowed by danger and intrigue—as she’s trapped between her lover and her husband while they battle for control of the cityEio Books has reissued Ki Longfellow's first novel published by Harper Collins in England in 1989

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    I can't understand why this book wasn't a bestseller when it first came out It has what any bestseller needs and a lot Great characters exciting plot terrific writing Perhaps it was just too close to literature? Longfellow can write anything

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    Like Longfellow's other work China Blues is fraught with stunning visual imagery that delicately builds a clear and conscious tableau at every page turn The beautiful and tragic juxtaposition of Lizzie and Li only mirrors the clash of cultures happening all over San Francisco in the '20s Longfellow makes every moment of even ordinary events she details pr

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    I now read anything Longfellow writes This seems to be her first published book For a first book it's highly polished China Blues is a witty fast paced fascinating delight of a read a close and colorful look at San Francisco in the early Jazz Age But it's also a study of a young woman very much like Austen's Emma Longfellow's heroine is rich vain and foolish

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    I read this uite awhile ago and then I gave someone my copy I've always wished I hadn't because I couldn't find it again This is reissue much beautiful to look at than the originals It's a story of a woman in 1920s San Francisco who is very much like Jane Austen's Emma She's spoiled and selfish rich and bored Out of her own selfish interests she destroys all she

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    Grabbed this when I learned it was published again Already a fan after The Secret Magdalene and Flow Down Like Silver Hypatia of Alexandria so I really wanted to read it It was really worth it A real snap crackle and pop through San Francisco's Chinatown It's the Roaring Twenties It's full of imported mobsters And going behind the scenes of Chinese city life Not to m

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    Even if I weren't already in love with this writer who could resist this cover? I'm told that to be a success in the arts an artist has to make the same thing over and over Longfellow makes a different thing each time I read somewhere this was her first published book and she was trying to write the usual best seller It's not the usual anything It's smart and sassy and s

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    This was an absolute joy to read I just raced through it It's funny and fast and sad and colorful and just a heck of great read on a rainy day Or any day for that matter Plus you get to go behind the scenes in San Francisco's Chinatown back in the Roaring Twenties The heroine is perfect You want to shake her or hug her Sometimes all at once

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    If I hadn't read Flow Down Like Silver Hypatia of Alexandria and The Secret Magdalene I would have given this book 5 stars It's everything you'd want in a novel But it doesn't carry the immense weight of the other two If I hadn't just read Houdini Heart I wouldn't know how innovative this writer is China Blues is a first novel I've read somewhere it was meant to fit into the mai

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    Fast fun exciting funny sad read Appropriate for any age but especially IMO for those who like a wonderfully well written love story between the races set in fascinating places and times Rich Lizzie Stafford plotting to take down her ambitious philandering husband San Francisco's DA and poster boy for high political office to come sets her sights on a scandal that ought to destroy h

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    I was born in San Francisco It's been a long time since I've seen it But reading this roller coaster of a book brought it back to me full blast No I'm not old enough to have known it in the Twenties but it doesn't matter which San Francisco you know Longfellow's San Francisco will sweep you up and carry you from the top of Nob Hill to South of the Slot The Slot was the track running alo

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About the Author: Ki Longfellow

Ki Longfellow born on Staten Island New York to a French Irish mother and an Irouois father grew up in Hawaii and Marin County California but ended up living in France and England for many years She is the widow of a British national treasure the complete artist Vivian StanshallIn England she created and sailed the Thekla a 180 foot Baltic Trader to the port of Bristol where it became