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Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter Following the page turning debut Beauty Dates the Beast this is the second novel in the fresh and funny new series about a paranormal dating serviceSarah Ward the werewolf sister of Bathsheba from Beauty Dates the Beast and co owner of their paranormal online dating agency Midnight Liaisons is voluntarily traded to a wolf clan in exchange for a kidnapped female were cougar Fearful of what might happen to her while with the wolf clan she and Ramsey a were bear who’s part of the were cougar alliance pretend to be engaged so he can stay with her for protection The last thing either of them expect is for their pretend engagement to lead to a very real love affair

About the Author: Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims lives in Texas She hates writing a bio so something cool will undoubtedly go here later when she actually thinks of something interesting to write She has some cats but what writer doesn’t She plays video games and confesses to reading comic books And she likes writing but that one was pretty obvious

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    It's been a long while since I read anything paranormal and I was in an epic mood for a good steamy romance so I decided to find a worthy combination Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter hit the spot for sure It's the second in a series and while I do feel that I missed a few things by not reading the first one it worked out fine for me in terms of the romance Speaking of1 A gentle giant2 A pr

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    When I heard from the author that this book had a virgin hero I got excited Then I heard he was a were bear virgin hero My excitement grew Ramsey is the best type of virgin hero He is a huge huge man uiet but fierce All other shifters fear him even the cockiest of the wolves And yet this fierce gentle giant has never been intimate with a woman before Yes let’s all just take a momentSara Ward was

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    This seuel follows Sarah Ward the sister of Bathsheba the heroine from book 1 They co own the Paranormal Online Dating Agency Midnight Liaisons where they set up supernaturals with each other If you remember from book 1 Sarah had been abused by her boyfriend who also changed her into a werewolf without her consent It formed a deep fear of werewolves in SarahIn this book when the wolf clan offers to return

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    Cute read

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    Ok but it was put down able I never had the eager to get back to it feelMany times during the book Sara “assumes” Ramsey doesn’t like something about her or thinks she smells bad or thinks he doesn’t want her or thinks he’s just being polite I got tired of that The author was using that for conflict None of it was true Similarly through most of the book Sara assumes Ramsey wants to be with his arranged marriage

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    'Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter' by Jessica Sims is book two in the Midnight Liaisons series It is the story of Sara and Ramsey 35 StarsI have read the previous book 'Beauty Dates the Beast' and yes that book did start setting the stage for this onebut I felt this book was a standalone book It took you right to where you needed to be by giving you the last few scene of the previous book Sara is a wolf shiftier not by choice Sa

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    Sweet gentle giant Love this world Jessica is building Funny suspenseful and awesome love stories

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    I am such a sucker for pretend relationships turning into the real thing You guys have no idea It’s definitely one of my tropes when I’m reading fanfiction and I tend to like it just as much in romance novels which is why I was so happy about the premise of this bookThis is the second book in the Midnight Liasons series from Jessica Sims aka Jill Myles and it follows Sarah who was one of the main characters from the first book I liked Sarah

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    I want a were bear Well I want one if he's anything like Ramsey anyway He's the strong silent stoic but gentle type of man tree that justsigh Yeah he was lovely Built like a forest oak with rare but devastating smiles he totally won my heart in this second instalment of the midnight Liaisons series this time featuring Bathsheba's werewolf sister SarahIf you read book one you'll recall the claim that was made to the werewolves at the end of that book

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    I got into a werewolf y mood this week and was desperately searching for a shapeshifter bookSo in desperation I splurged on this cute looking novel by Jessica Sims Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter I discovered that Jessica Sims is also Jill Myles who wrote my favorite time warp caveman dinosaur romance Island Heat Needless to say this book was the perfect answer to my shapeshifter desperation It was adorable First of all the characters were very appealing The

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