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Conamara Blues Translating the beauty and splendor of his native Conamara into a language exuisitely attuned to the wonder of the everyday John O'Donohue takes us on a moving journey through real and imagined worlds Divided into three parts Approachings Encounters and Distances Conamara Blues at once reawakens a sense of intimacy with the natural world and a feeling of wonder at the mystery of our relationship to this world Whether exploring the silent eternal memory of Conamara or focusing on the power of language and the vagaries of human need and passion O'Donohue tenderly reveals the fragile vulnerability of love and friendship The result is a musical transcendent and deeply moving series of poems that exemplifies O'Donohue at his finestWritten with penetrating insight and distilled transparence Conamara Blues offers a singular and lasting imaginative vision of a landscape of hope and possibility powerfully exhibiting the mastery of a poet at the height of his lyric powers Lovely as usual I read this in an off and on fashion I had actually ordered the play adaptation of Terry Pratchett's novel Nation but this came through my letterbox instead I thought I'd give it a read anyway since they didn't want me to return it and I'm trying to read as much poetry as I possibly can You say Now that theyHave called our names backThe mountains canNever forget us Mountain ChristeningThere were a couple of lines or stanzas that struck me but otherwise I found it be nothing but pointless scribbling in all honestly I do feel a little bad because obviously I didn't choose to read this but there we are It had it's moments but for the most part it was mostly religious talk which I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever It was occasionally that kind of free form poetry that a lot of poets try but not all of them can get right wherein they basically write a sentence but break it up as a poem and it neither rhymes and often doesn't uite makes sense eitherNot the worst poetry I've read but there again I didn't choose to read it so it's difficult to really gauge it and write any kind of worthwhile review of it without that cropping up When we love we love to touch the belovedOur hands find joy in the surprise of skinHere is where tenderness is uncoveredFew frontiers hold a world wondrous in The Scourging at the PillarBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy One of my favorite poets accessible lyrics with earthy metaphors for you John O'Donoghue fans check out the Speaking of Faith website There is a wonderful interview with with him there and you can also download a few of his poems being read by John himself which as far as I can tell a rarity A friend gave this to me abt six weeks ago and I have been carrying it all over Ireland ever sinceSo beautiful Each poem sings to me Here's a very short one Fluent that I read while having bacon and cabbage at Lincoln's Inn in Dublin earlier today the waitress stopped to chat with me when she noticed that I was reading poetryI would love to liveLike a river flowsCarried by the surpriseOf its own unfolding

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