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Finding Balance Task Force Gaea #1 After discovering that my daughter's high school English teacher had written a fantasy novel based on Greek mythology I couldn't resist both reading it and recommending it to my book club this month This book is intriguing on several levels Greek mythology has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember Growing up with my Mom a high school English teacher with a special passion for Edith Hamilton has something to do with that I suppose and now I teach early Western Humanities on the college level so of course the belief systems of ancient civilizations are addressed in my classes So to be able to immerse myself in a fantasy revolving around Apollo's world was of course lots of fun The first portion of this book goes heavily into Greek mythology so of course curiosity about this topic is a must here I especially like the contemporary Task Force characters and I enjoyed reading about how an archaeologist a zoologist an animal geneticist and a creative potter turn into Greek like superheros who get to experience a whole space time continuum paradox I hope to read about their lives and adventures in the next book in this series since we only get to spend time with them for a portion of the book The adventures of both the deities of the Greek pantheon as well as those of Danelos Sarah Brandon Aleta would also translate REALLY well into a graphic novelA great debut novel by Mr Berger I have always admired writing that takes well trodden themes and character archetypes and finds new ways to make them interesting David Berger certainly achieves this in volume one of his series My interest in Greek mythology has always been cursory at best However this story was so interesting that I found myself researching the mythology while I was reading the book I was so invested in the world created by Berger that I just had to know and see where he took his inspiration fromI love good storytelling The actual subject of a story is secondary in my opinion How you tell your story and your passion for it are the most important aspects of writing to me A fantastic story can be ruined if put in the wrong hands While reading this wonderfully thought out story and the detailed characters My favorite being Brandon Jeffries AKA ZODIAK that make up Task Force Gaea the passion of the storyteller was than evidentI am eagerly anticipating the next installment of this excellent series The Review So when I writeyou read this it might seem a little rumbled up to you so I’ll try my best to organize it to your understanding If it’s a problem I can rewrite itThe first Part is Apollo’s story in only Apollos view really At the first it was a little confusing reading from his point since it was describing then showing Instead of seeing much of the surrounding we saw and heard what Apollo saw and thought This was a good set up to get the reader into the story and wonder how balance will be found again And it ends just on the point of driving the reader madThe second part We’re introduced to the characters of the prophecy This is when it stops being descriptive and we see the characters and their thought patterns Each character acuires a gift or a certain power in some way Their stories behind them were what i found most fascinating about the books Each individual character was given a good in depth personality and we see apollo from a different point of viewThe book like all book would drag at points but isn’t that normal? Well it didn't drag very much since it was smoothly pushed into another scene or event or actionfight SOme scenes would end rather abrupt and it felt like they had lost some of their meaningOverall it was a good read and the artwork at the end was a surprise If you're a fan of Greek mythology superhero comics or both you'll absolutely love this engaging novel The chapters seeped in classical mythology will have you wondering which parts are straight from antiuity and which Berger has seamlessly and cleverly added Those set in modern times echo the best of modern DC and Marvel origin stories and event comics There are a lot of great ideas at play mythic locales magical relics alternate universes freak lab accidents and Throughout its clearly evident Berger has a great love and understanding of all his source materialWhile there's a relatively long build up for such an action packed and briskly paced third act Berger does a wonderful job building his characters up and gives them plenty of obstacles to overcome as they progress By the end you'll definitely be rooting for the team he assembles and dying to find out about the two shocking twists he leaves you withThe prose can be challenging for a casual reader but if you're a logophile it will be right up your alley Berger does a great job keeping things in context but I'd recommend using a reading app with a robust dictionary or keeping a physical copy nearby Overall this is a wonderfully exciting read that I highly recommend I'm looking forward to starting the next installment ASAP This was an amazing book It took awhile for me to get really invested but once I did it was a great journey to be on Lots of rich world building This was a much adult universe than the Percy Jackson books which I love immensely I loved Apollo's journey and meeting the core four characters Almost would've liked to have met them earlier but I thinking about it I feel you can't really enter their world without finding out how everything got to be the way it is Trying to be as vague as possible here Seriously though I totally recommend this book As far as interesting goes it was a good book It kept me on my toes I was definitely surprised when each character began to figure out the prophecy and it had a little bit of romance with Apollo and Alkinoe which is sort of a necessity for me It was sort of a difficult read for me because I don't know much about mythology besides the really common names like Zeus and some others So while I really enjoyed it it was a slow read because I was constantly trying to figure out what it all meant That's not a bad thing I just really have no background Reading this book did instill some motivation on me to take a mythology class sometime in the next semester at schoolOverall though I really liked the story and I can not wait for the seuel During the age of Olympos when a vengeful goddess shatters the Sacred Scales both immortals and humans alike suffer Apollo the god of truth goes from a glorious existence as The Shining One to a victim of Zeus' wrath and his journey makes him uestion his godhood his role in the cosmos and his views on humanity Prophecy and the Fates direct his course and he must make difficult yet vital choices Millennia pass and Dan Aleta Brandon and Sarah four reluctant modern day heroes gifted by ancient civilizations born of the gods bound by prophecy have to choose whether or not to save their world when it could mean they never existed They must master their new powers while battling against incomprehensible forces from the Underworld and repairing the Sacred Scales destroyed long ago With the euilibrium between Order and Chaos unhinged and the Olympian gods struggling to exist these four must ally themselves with the United Nations to protect an endangered world becoming the only group who can fight against metaphysical threats to the Earth forging Task Force Gaea Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go Add one part mystery one part intrigue one part adventure Throw in the Greek Gods of Myth and compelling heroes and you get Task Force Gaea Finding Balance An excellent first effort from author David Berger Highly recommended for people who love adventure ancient myths and heroes Much anticipation for the next chapter Wow What an adventure As a fan of Greek and Roman mythology I enjoyed Mr Berger's new spin on the gods Especially found his use of flash back flash forward interesting not only can I see task Force Gaea turned into a graphic novel I would certainly read this with my kids in the hopes of getting them hooked on mythology fantasy and science fiction I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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About the Author: David Berger

David grew up with privilege—the privilege of being immersed in reading from a very early age A fan of fantasy comics and mythology he eventually would become an English teacher where he could help foster a love of literature with his students This love would bring about the Task Force Gaea series a Greek mythology fantasy set in the modern world His first three books Finding Balance Me