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Kristins Demotion Cringe worthy and without substance Almost ashamed I finished it When OFS Software sales executive Henry Shepard is assigned to work with new recruit Kristin Hartman he thinks his luck has taken a turn for the better Young stunningly beautiful and with a body to die for Kristin is the object of every man’s desire Henry’s hopes are uickly dashed however as Kristin uses her charm and wits to beat him to the vacant vice presidential position and later takes great pleasure in firing himWhilst wallowing in his defeat Henry unexpectedly discovers that Kristin’s rise to power involved illegally acuired software He confronts her with the evidence of her crime and offers her a deal in return for his silence she is to obey his every command effectively becoming his slaveKristin is initially horrified but after considering her options reluctantly agrees to go along with his ‘arrangement’ until she can figure a way out She soon discovers however that Henry has no intention of giving her a moment’s rest as she is systematically stripped of first her clothing and then her dignityCaned collared gagged publicly humiliated forced into oral sex and finally gang raped Kristin is kept in a constant state of fear pain and confusion Henry meanwhile is discovering a new dark side to himself as he pushes Kristin’s limits of degradation ever furtherConvinced now that he has Kristin totally under his control Henry takes the game to a higher level when he gives her a new job description at OFS she is forced to act the part of the office bimbo which includes sexually servicing clients and co workers alikeNow at her nadir Kristin begins to lose her identity as she carries out her increasingly demeaning instructions without protest She dimly recalls the proud and intelligent woman she once was but can she find an escape route before her subjugation becomes complete and irreversible

About the Author: Lorenzo Marks

Lorenzo’s preoccupation with kinky sex dates back as far as he can remember – as does his love of the written word Add into the mix his strict Victorian style upbringing and the result is Lorenzo’s passionate literary exploration of the heady realms of social and sexual humiliation forced behavior modification and physical and psychological control and domination When he’s not writing Lorenz

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