The Originality of the Avant Garde and Other Modernist

The Originality of the Avant Garde and Other Modernist Myths Co founder and co editor of October magazine a veteran of Artforum of the 1960s and early 1970s Rosalind Krauss has presided over and shared in the major formulation of the theory of postmodernismIn this challenging collection of fifteen essays most of which originally appeared in October she explores the ways in which the break in style that produced postmodernism has forced a change in our various understandings of twentieth century art beginning with the almost mythic idea of the avant garde Krauss uses the analytical tools of semiology structuralism and poststructuralism to reveal new meanings in the visual arts and to critiue the way other prominent practitioners of art and literary history write about art In two sections Modernist Myths and Toward Postmodernism her essays range from the problem of the grid in painting and the unity of Giacometti's sculpture to the works of Jackson Pollock Sol Lewitt and Richard Serra and observations about major trends in contemporary literary criticism

About the Author: Rosalind E. Krauss

American art critic professor and theorist who is based at Columbia University teaching Modern Art and Theory

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    I have read and marked this book again and again until any given page looks like a war zone Which is not unrelated to Krauss's view of the world of modern art There is scarcely an inch of the modern art pond this woman has been unwilling to swim and piss in

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    Perhaps some of my favorite pieces of Krauss in here; Grids Sculpture in the Expanded Field Again my students are reading select parts from this in a course I am currently teaching

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    This book is the ultimate brainiac art history read I hate the hairy toe on the cover and usually stick a post it over it when I tote it around I'm not the biggest fan of feet I have to say

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    sections read modernist mythsRead this as for research for my thesis seeing as everything else I was reading just kept referencing this book was very insightful easy to understand and often witty

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    35Some of these essays were really great Some of them were kinda uestionable seriously Primitivism has an ugly and deeply awkward history maybe lets not be so uick to sing it's praises

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    De lo mejor ue he leĆ­do

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    A deep and thoughtful book

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    Haven't really read through all of it but I found it very comprehensive in informing much about modern and post modern art If you write a review of an artwork or perhaps a contemporary art critic this book is the best companion to be

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