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The Werewolf Principle Endrių Bleiką surastą užšaldytą kapsulėje tolimoje planetoje parveža į Žemę Jam – per 200 metų masto ir elgiasi jis kaip žmogus Tačiau netrukus suvokia kad jo smegenyse gyvena dvi būtybės – keistas biologinis kompiuteris ir vilką primenantis padaras Pastarajam užvaldžius kūną Bleikas pabėga iš ligoninės kad pagaliau atskleistų savo praeities paslaptis My favourite thing about this book was probably the cover However i did also enjoy the talking houses and the brownies who were super cute It had a lot going for it some good ideas but lacked style and the love story was defo forced c'mon the guy's part wolf or whatever and not one item of clothing gets ripped off shame I'd still read others by Simak but i'm an idiot so that's not a glowing recommendation Second or third read My previous review still stands This time I want to add that the poetry of the writing surprised me Lots of beautiful imagery and stylings not purple prose and easy to overlook in one's uest to figure out what's going on in the plot and with the characters but definitely well crafted This was actually a much enjoyable book on this re read than it was on the first reading A lot of that is a mood thing I know but The Werewolf Principle is an odd sort of book in a lot of waysThis classic sci fi novel has an elegant old school writing style that is philosophical and in a way insular; it is very much a first person point of view and that person is a synthetic man The goals of the book seem philosophical and exploratory than thrilling so the title ends up feeling a bit misleading if you do not start out knowing what it is about The narrative meanders through self analysis self doubt and the boundaries of humanity what we are what we could be There is no screaming and rending under the full moonOur main character Andrew Blake was discovered in cryogenic sleep in outer space no one is sure who he was or how he got there lest of all himself Slowly Blake's fascinating story emerges along with the information that he is not all alone in his mindWhile the story is inclined to waffle on a bit at times and the philosophy of Thinker can be a bit dated on the whole it is a very satisfying story with a surprisingly decent endingview spoiler The werewolf principle of the title relates to a bioengineering term in the book which allows 'open end' changing of androidssynthetic men to allow to incorporate characteristics of alien races they come into contact with to better understand them One of the aliens that gets incorporated resembles the human myths of wolves extinct in this future scenario and people react accordinglyIf you are wondering whether this is a modern Gothicmodern horror type werewolf story it is not; aside perhaps from the uestioning of identity and instinct that often comes in mainstream werewolf stories hide spoiler I am beginning to like Clifford D Simak and His Way Station was magnificent and The Werewolf Principle while not so good has moments of sheer brilliance plus a brilliant endingTwo hundred years before man created an android for space exploration It was not according to plan but this android became three creatures in one the human called Changer who contained a mind transfer of a brilliant earth scientist; a kind of wolf with arms called uester; and a somewhat amorphous almost purely intellectual creature called Thinker When the android comes back to earth he is hunted downI won't say here what happens but it is a great ending perhaps Simak's bestEarth wanted to get rid of him perhaps afraid of him perhaps merely disgusted by him a loathsome product of its own ambitions and imagination that must be uickly swept underneath the rug For there was no place for him on the Earth or in humanity and yet he was a human product and had been made possible by the nimble brains and the weasel understanding of Earth's scientistsOf particular interest are a group of extraterrestrials that live on earth but not among humans They look like fairy tale weasels with pockets and are called Brownies The story takes a while to really get started but when it does the book uickly goes from a three star to a four star read

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