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The Soap Opera Encyclopedia Fascinating trivia inside stories history nostalgia an in depth look at every daytime soap opera on TVA uniue look at TV's most endearing kind of show The Soap Opera Encyclopedia is a must have for any soap fan Readers will find the history and stars of all the shows including backstage anecdotesyear by year ratings and a who's who with cast lists of all the featured actors and behind the scenes personalities Comprehensive and completely accessible The Soap Opera Encyclopedia is the one and only reference to nearly 100 soaps from the first 50 years of TV DiscoverWhich former General Hospital star's face was once insured for one million dollarsWhat Days of Our Lives love theme became a hit singleWhat film legend once wrote Guiding Light a fan letterWhich role on All My Children Susan Lucci originally auditioned forWhich scene from The Young and the Restless was named 1985's Most Tasteless Episode by Soap Opera Digest And so much

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