Marie Antoinette Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters

Marie Antoinette Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters Die Schilderung des Lebens Marie Antoinettes der Tochter Maria Theresias gleicht der Besichtigung eines Zeitalters am Vorabend der Neuen Zeit Dokumentarisch belegte Geschichte wird dabei erzählt die Heldin weder glorifiziert noch unterschätzt Vielmehr wird sie innerhalb des Rahmens ihrer Zeit des Rokoko als eine Frau mit all ihrer Vergnügungssucht und Lebenslust gezeichnet Die letzte französische Königin zu spät auf ihre politische Aufgabe vorbereitet zu spät auch zu ihr bereit und mit einem schwachen biederen Mann verheiratet wächst mit den Anforderungen die an sie gestellt werden So geht sie ein mittlerer Charakter zunächst verspielt dann immer bewußter geradlinig ihren Weg vom Schloß Schönbrunn über den Trianon bis zur letzten Fahrt auf die Place de la Concorde zur Guillotine

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    I've now read three different types of books by Zweig a novella Chess Story a memoir The World of Yesterday and this biography Though I'm likely to read another of his novellas instead of another of his biographies against expectation I found this the most entertaining of the three books but also the most problematicIt's written in a very engaging style though with too many exclamation points for my taste and I zipped thr

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    The writings of Stefan Zweig who died over 70 years ago are now enjoying a sort of resurgence as they are being published again and are being introduced to new generations of readers Personally I have now read four of his works this year including this biography his autobiography The World of Yesterday and two works of fiction Chess Story and Fantastic Night Other Stories In all these works Zweig proves himself to be an exc

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    This book is the most complete biography of Marie Antoinette I have ever readFirst at all the author made a huge research work in order to bring the historical facts which surrounded the Marie Antoinette's lifeIn the first part of the book Antoinette is described as a young monarch which her main concern once she married Louis XVI is to enjoy life as much as possible In the meantime the Habsburgs are trying to guide her dest

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    What is the sum of a life? The manner in which an individual toiled away the majority of her living hours the way history chooses to remember her or how she approaches her final days trying to live while knowing all that awaits her is death? In evaluating the sum of Marie Antoinette’s life the answer to this uestion is critical Her rich story has been combed over by many a magnifying glass both during and after her reign as

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    I think that this was my favorite Stefan Zweig biography He really felt bad for Marie Antoinette and particularly mourns the mystery of the disappearance of her son from the Bastille before her execution For me it is the most poignant biography of this figure which we associate with the revolution and the frivolity that led to it but yet had a rich interior life and deserved a different fate than that which life handed her

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    DNF 10%I am in the minority with this one but I found this one hard to read It started to feel like work so I am abandoning this one It does read like a novel which I usually prefer but it still felt a bit stiff in the writing I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from the publisher through Edelweiss Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

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    I've always steered clear of biographies on the premise that 400 pages about any one person must be overkill My dad strongly recommended this one though and I thought I'd give it a try Much to my pleasant surprise this book kept me interested on every page and through every chapter Marie Antoinette's life history and the context both of her marriage to Louis XVI and the French Revolution are fascinating It's not light reading bu

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    This book was a very slow read BUT very interesing Mr Zweig an Austrian like Marie Antoinette wrote this book in the 40's using data from scores of letters among other historical documents I read this book a few years after Marie Antoinette The Journey and I learned a great deal about the life of Marie Antoinette from it Zweig goes into great detail about many historical events involving the last ueen of France from the extravag

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    I read this when I was fourteen It was my first proof based biography not the embellished stories of great people written to inspire young readers and it opened my eyes

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    As I stated when on What Are You Reading and Why bulletin board I found this biography in a basement that I was helping to clean out I was surprised by the age of the book and the subject matter I realized that I knew very little about ueen Marie Antoinette other than the high school snippets her supposed reaction of let them eat cake to the famine in France to her public beheading on all sorts of trumped charges other than the mai

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