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Can't Hurry Love From award winning author Molly O’Keefe comes a wonderfully written contemporary romance about second chances at life and at love   Victoria Baker the penniless widow of a disgraced financier is ready to stand up be counted and make a new life for herself and her beloved son in Texas She’s taking over Crooked Creek ranch her birthright and turning it into something special All that stands in her way is Eli Turnbull a rugged too handsome cowboy who wants the land just as badly   If Victoria wants a fight Eli will give her one He’s devoted his life to Crooked Creek and he’s not about to let some pampered city girl—even one as brave and beautiful as Victoria—turn it into some silly spa But Victoria’s and Eli’s burning anger and frustration only fuel heat of another kind uncontrollable passion And soon they each realize that the person standing in their way is the one they can never do without

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    After finishing this book I'm feel'in HOT HOT HOT Holy smokes this book certainly turns up the heat and for the most part I whole heartedly recommend itThis book features Luc's from Can't Buy Me Love sister Victoria and their sexy ranch foreman Eli In all honesty I couldn't stand Victoria's character in the previous book however this author has an amazing abi

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    45 StarsCan’t Hurry Love is the 2nd book in the Crooked Creek Ranch series by Molly O’Keefe and the best one yet I loved this book It had it all angst overcoming the past a kid a very hot cowboy and great sex Victoria Baker is taking back her life She was under the thumb of her father for years and went straight from him to a husband that expected a societ

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    I was curious about Eli from Can’t Buy Me Love #1 and my heart ached for him in Can’t Hurry Love His mother left him and his dad when he was eight and never seen her since His dad took it out on him by drinking barely feeding him and never cared if he went to school I went into Can’t Hurry Love knowing I did not like Victoria but I was hoping she would tu

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    Can’t Hurry Love is a sexy emotionally gripping complicated love story about two people who are deeply scarred by their pasts It is a story about the struggles of two people trying to overcome the hurts and disappointments from previous relationships in order to be able to open up their hearts to one another Molly O’ Keefe's characters are beautifully flawed

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    Can’t Hurry Love Molly O'KeefeThis is the second book of Molly O’Keefe’s series with a third book “CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE” – Coming January 28 2013 This series all started with the death of Victoria’s father and the fact that Lyle Baker her father was using his death and wealth to lure his children back to the ranch and reunite them So far it has b

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    Reading Can’t Hurry Love I was reminded of one of my favorite Flannery O’Connor uotations “There is something in us as storytellers and as listeners to stories that demands the redemptive act that demands that what falls at least be offered the chance to be restored” Molly O’Keefe’s Crooked Creek books feature deeply flawed characters who need redempti

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    They say once you hit rock bottom there's no way to go but back up What they don't tell you is that sometimes when you're attempting to stand back up you get knocked right back down again That would pretty much sum up Victoria Baker Schulman's life Every time she's hit bottom something or someone knocks her back down Now she was attempting to get her life together

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    Another case of a fun times at Spring break cover on a serious romance I enjoyed this book

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    A story you will not want to miss Actually rated 45 Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomAfter her financier husband became embroiled in a scandal and subseuently killed himself single mother Victoria returned to her father’s ranch with her son Jacob After her father’s death the ranch is left to her brother Luc who wants nothing to do with it So he offers it

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    Reviewed by LisaI was going back and forth between rating this book 2 stars or 25 stars I finally settled on 2 stars because to be honest this book drove me up a wall Wait let me be clear the characters in this book drove me up a wallI have to say that the heroine especially was the most annoying for me She was too wishy washy and couldn’t make good decisions about

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