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Arabella To Arabella Tallant the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven for in addition to living in the glamorous city Arabella might even find a suitable husband there Armed with beauty virtue and a benevolent godmother the impetuous but impoverished Arabella embarked on her first London season with her mother's wish in mind snare a rich husband On her way to London Arabella's carriage breaks down outside the hunting lodge of the wealthy and socially prominent Robert Beaumaris fate cast her in his path Arabella's only fault is impetuosity and her pride stung when she overhears a remark of her path of arrogant host who accused her of being another petty female after his wealth the proud headstrong ingenue made a most startling claim she was an heiress A pretense that deeply amuses the jaded Beau To counter her white lie Beaumaris launches her into high society and thereby subjects her to all kinds of amorous fortune hunters in London and other embarrassmentsSuddenly Arabella found herself the talk of the ton and pursued by some of the most eligible young men of the day But only one caught Arabella's fancy Beaumaris the handsome and dedicated bachelor She should know better than to allow herself to be provoked by nonpareil Beau But would her deceitful charade destroy her one chance for true loveBeaumaris however although a most artful matrimonial dodger badly underestimated his seemingly naive adversary When compassionate Arabella rescues such unfortunate creatures as a mistreated chimney sweep and a mixed breed mongrel she foists them upon Beaumaris who finds he rather enjoys the role of rescuer and is soon given the opportunity to prove his worth in the person of Bertram Tallant the also impetuous young brother of Arabella

About the Author: Georgette Heyer

The Black MothIn 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932 Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each yearHeyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella MartinHer Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by

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    Arabella is one of the charming and funny Georgette Heyer books that I've read with a major plus in the form of one of my favorite Heyer book boyfriends Mr Robert Beaumaris Arabella Tallant is a lovely unspoiled girl but certain to be hampered in the eyes of London society by the fact that she's a poor country vicar's daughter from Yorkshire Nevertheless her optimistic mother p

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    WOW what an absolutely fantastic read Arabella wasThis Heyer combines all that's best about regency romances starting with a well crafted hero 'Cause let's face it ladies we all like a swoon worthy book man And I'm here to tell you that Robert Beaumaris has got it in spadesHe's charming but not overbearing He's slightly jaded but not an out an out rake he's a bit world weary but not cyn

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    This isn't the book cover I have the copy I read was by Mandarin Publishing in the 1990s Arabella looks nothing like I envisage her but this is my favourite Heyer cover ever so I'm using this oneIn spite of some stiff competition from Fridays Child Cotillion this is my favourite Heyer Regency I am still a little in love with Robert Beaumaris Ulysses is my favourite minor GH character ; I love

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    Enjoyed this book so much I read it again It think I enjoyed it the second time around Great ending Seriously swoon worthy And read it a 3rd timeContent CleanSource AudibleOriginally read in October 2015 Reread in March 2016 again in June 2016

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    What can I say about this wonderful little darling book that hasn't already been said? Arabella is charming It's a true Regency romance classic the epitome of the perfect comedy of manners set in London and features all your favourite Regency uirks mannerisms glittering balls and shocking crushes And naturally there is an enterprising heroine and a dashing hero who meet uite by chance and fall uite madly in

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    Until the ending seuence the book was 4 stars for me So many bits and pieces of the book reminded me of Pride and Prejudice in a good way I was delighted to relive the joy of reading PP I love a damsel that's not easily taken in by the hero or faints at the first sight of him Arabella though inexperienced and uite innocent had a sharp mind and acute self awareness She guarded her heart well for good reasons agains

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    Arabella has been waiting for me to get to it for uite some time I don’t know if I should be kicking myself for not reading it earlier or be happy for enjoying it this much now If there ever was a book whose blurb doesn’t do its job then Arabella is that bookI loved the way Heyer introduced Arabella Tallant’s lovely family the way they live how much her parents love each other and their children the way the impove

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    It was nice to read about Arabella after reading about Judith Taverner in The Regency Buck I could not help contrasting the two heroines especially since they were both country bred and were off to London for the first time to make a splash But whereas Judith comes off as childish and impetuous Arabella has a mature personality Mr Beaumaris is also a much pleasant hero than the Earl of Worth So the story goes like this Arabel

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    There was a big joke played on me by the powers above I think because I picked up this novel without having the slightest of clues that this was Heyer's homage to Pride and Prejudice And it wasn't until I was about 70% into the story that I stopped giggling at Beaumaris' amusing conversations with the mongrel Ulysses long enough for the déjà vu to sink in Wait a tad I have read this before haven't I? But by then it was too late I ha

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    Well this book was just so much fun to read I really enjoyed this book from start to finish It is well paced and ridiculously diverting Of course it has a lot of the ingredients found in Georgette Heyer's brain candy regencies such as a debutante seeking an advantageous marriage a swoon worthy hero trials and tribulations and a misguided sibling Blend well and you have a very appealing regency novel Arabella Tallant arrives in London fresh f

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