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Trading Christmas Emily Springer widowed mother of one decides to leave Leavenworth Washington to spend Christmas with her daughter in BostonCharles Brewster history professor curmudgeon and resident of Boston wants to avoid Christmas altogether He figures a prison town should be nice and uiet over the holidays — except he’s thinking of the wrong LeavenworthThrough an internet site Charles and Emily arrange to swap houses for the holiday So Emily goes to Boston—and discovers that her daughter has gone to Florida And Charles arrives in Leavenworth to discover that it’s not the prison town — it’s Santa’s village The place is full of Christmas trees Christmas music andelvesMeanwhile Emily’s friend Faith Kerrigan travels to Leavenworth to visit her and instead finds Charles the grinch Then Charles’s brother Ray shows up at his home in Boston to discover that he isn’t there — but Emily isThrough all the mix ups and misunderstandings amid the chaos and confusion romance begins to emerge in unexpected ways Because everything changes at Christmas I listened to this book to begin with on my way back from University in the car and have worked my way through the rest of it this weekI really enjoyed listening to it and loved the way the narrator made the characters come aliveWe meet five great characters a mother a daughter a best friend and two brothers who all learn so much from Christmas adn what the season really meansA great book to read or listen to so the urgent care told me there is a 2 hr wait to see dr so was reading this in the waiting room well it passed the time Maybe if I was in holiday spirit I would enjoy it cutesy but predictable but really what's wrong with Christmas in Florida? this author makes it sound just awfulcute romantic book Typical latter day Debbie Macomber unfortunately In this case the movie was better thanks to the charm and the appeal of the actors And instead of the wacky charm of the movie character of Faith we have a nice woman with absolutely nothing compelling or interesting or amusing about her Same with all of the other characters Very stale The actual plot had a lot of promise some scenes were mildly amusing but could have been laugh out loud funny Debbie’s tone with the reader is as a kindergarten teacher with her 5 year olds over explaining keeping it simple so we understand and repeating constantly lest we forget It’s almost insulting It’s too bad because she used to be one of the best Many of her old Silhouette Special editions were worth rereading several or times I wonder if Hallmark has turned this into a Christmas movie Of course it's that kind of story Macomber doesn't do that bad a job of it considering she churns out so many books each year In this one she paints Boston New York and Leavenworth WA as romantic holiday spots On the other hand she makes Florida seem like the last place you'd like to spend Christmas

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