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Mine I am a fan of Georgia Beer's books and this one is no different I really felt she captured the difficulties someone would go through when they are trying to move on from the love of their life when they unexpectedly passed away I think in many romance novels that cover this topic doesn't really focus on the guilt and feeling of cheating they have the way Beer's was able to portray in this bookAs always for me I loved the characters and would reread in the future It's refreshing when I see a review of older or random reads in amongst all the ARC reviews of the same titles y'know? I'm actually surprised I hadn't read this one of Ms Beers' as I have read almost all of her titles This was just an ok book very short and kept my interest though it was not very strong content wise MC Courtney has lost her partner of 10 years and is trying to get on with her life The realtor who sells her home is other MC Rachel with the ice blue eyes and smokin' hot body show I thought Ms Beers did a solid job of delving into Courtney's grief her thoughts and emotions being believable the guilt she felt moving on absolutely tangible I thought she did this very maturely even the awkward scene where the two first try to hook up and things go somewhat awry I felt sorry for them both Had they just fallen into bed and had mind blowing sex without even mentioning Courtney's emotional struggles would have been unrealisticHowever I didn't really feel the sparks between them Rachel is cold and blunt and standoffish at the beginning Unsure why Courtney was drawn to her unless it was all lust induced Rachel apparently liked her deep green eyes but other than thatnot a lot of lead up and love seemed to happen pretty uick Something just felt off These two won't be making my top 10 list of lesfic couplesBig gap why was oddball neighbour Bob Ross even introduced? I actually thought this was going to be a much different version of the title Mine thinking a stalkercreeper was going to emerge That would have been awesome drama There's even the scene where view spoiler he's peering into Courtney's home in the dark hide spoiler This was a fairly uick read and I was torn between 4 and 5 stars I liked it I really liked that it tackled a difficult subject loss of one's partner from several different character's perspectives My only reason for giving it 4 stars was because I felt it could have been a little longer with a little depth with all the characters I settled on 5 stars because it seems unfair to lower the rating because I liked it so much and wanted This is a hard book to review Overall it was good but not one I would reread The grief was well written I guess I'm just used to reading light hearted books I am going to be very fast and especially very clear the books of Beers I wouldn’t bother to make a review of each of her books You can go there with your eyes closed everything is good her writing her stories her characters everything Go ahead read Georgia Beers without hesitation Courtney lost the love of her life two and a half years ago She was having a difficult time to move on the scene where she was looking at the pictures of her and her wife was really sad I could actually feel her lost She made the decision to sell the house that she bought with her wife and that was how she met her next love interest I could not see the sparks between these two ladies the next thing I read they were dating then in a relationship Not my cup of water maybe it'll be your glass of wine Georgia Beers just gets better and better as an author As I read her early works this one from 2007 I am enjoying her finding her voice and her rhythms This story about love and loss in different settings Courtney has lost her love in a car crash three years ago and Rachel is the product of divorce when her family broke apart at 13 Each of them carries scars and makes their budding relationship so hard to navigate This story has moments of sadness of regret of introspection and of joy I liked this story for its mix of emotions On to the next Beers story I'm sorry I know it's hard to get over the death of a loved one but this book was crappy and painfully annoying I felt sorry for Rachel throughout this book right until the end she was competing for Courtney's absolute and complete love which she didn't get and supposedly couldn't get She was constantly competing with memories of Theresa All the sex scenes except the last one irritated me and made me cringe I actually hoped Rachel would leave Courtney give up on their hopeless romance and pursue someone elseGeorgia Beers undeniably shed some light onto the hardships of getting over the death of a loved one and accepting love again But this was not the recipe for the perfect romance novel the romance novel we all crave where the characters find themselves in an all encompassing love where their love overshadows everything and every other experience of love pales in comparison It's what we seek in a romance novel the lie of a love unblemished absolute and uninterrupted that we crave to fill whatever emotional iota we might have This book failed in this regard in so many ways It was not fictional enough I suppose I guess if your seeking a realistic sort of romance novel this is it But for me this book was meh and bleh Georgia Beers is always a safe bet This is no exception What happens when you’ve already given your heart and love finds you againThree years after Courtney McAllister loses her partner in a car accident she’s finally trying to move forward She’s even dated half heartedly over the past year but no one is able to penetrate her emotional barricades until she meets aggressive real estate broker Rachel Hart Despite Rachel’s cool facade Courtney is drawn to her—when she isn’t furious with her Still despite an undeniable attraction Courtney has given her heart once and doesn’t have room for that kind of love in her life again Rachel isn’t looking for love especially not with a woman who belongs to someone else and taking second place has never been her long suit

About the Author: Georgia Beers

Lambda and Golden Crown Literary Award winning author Georgia Beers lives in Rochester New York She has been writing for as long as she can remember and published her first lesbian novel in 2000

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