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The Christmas Gift Krista Novak knows you can't go home again Yet here she is touching down in the place she left for good eight years ago Even though it's only for the holidays being back means facing Alex CostasIt also means dealing with the fallout from his decision to stay and her decision to move her life thousands of miles away To make the situation interesting she still wants Alex And he wants her How do they find common groundA little Christmas magic must be in the air Because when a snowstorm changes her travel plans they're blessed with the most life changing gift of all

About the Author: Darlene Gardner

Darlene Gardner left her life as a newspaper sportswriter behind for love and romance She has than 30 books in print from single title romantic comedies to emotionally charged family dramas She’s currently self publishing updated editions from her backlist and working on a series of Young Adult romances with paranormal elements That is when she’s not playing tennis

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    Good book Both Alex and Krista had issues about living in their hometown Alex refused to leave because of what had happened to his mom and Krista refused to stay because of guilt over her father's accident Each of them had to learn to let go of the past before they could move on to a future together

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    J'avais espéré pouvoir lire un roman de ce genre à la bonne période et c'est chose faite Lu en décembre 2015 en pleine période de Noël On va rencontrer le personnage de Krista ui n'a plus remis les pieds dans sa petite ville natale depuis huit ans après être parti vivre et travailler en Europe Elle ne va revenir voir sa famille u'après un coup de fil imprévu de sa mère ui à monter un stratagème pour u'elle revienne enfin chez el

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    This is a new author to me What happens when exes reconnect during the holidays

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    Bien ue les périodes de fêtes soient déjà passées Une saison en hiver m’a totalement replongé dans l’ambiance de Noël C’est doux c’est mignon c’est drôle il y a vraiment tout de réunis pour être un livre à lire en Décembre et Janvier Mais de uoi est ce ue ça parle ? Krista est une jeune femme expatriée en Républiue Tchèue ui rentre dans sa ville natale de Jarell après 8 ans d’absence Elle avait tout laissé derrière el

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    Wow What a wonderful bookThis is what I expect from a Christmas storyIt has lovefamilyrelationshipsand forgivnessIt follows the life of Krista who left home eight yrs earlier for all the wrong reasons and what she comes to realize when she returns home due to a family members health crisesHighly recommend this book

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    Miniseries Going Back

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    Miniseries Going Back

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