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Prepare for War I had my own experiences with people who worship satan and I know that the devil is a Liar I have read Dr Brown's book and everything people have to say to discredit her I am not a pentecostal I am a seven day advantist and I can see that that her view might sound outragious but pentecostal churches teaches those same views I find her to be credible because I know that satan will do anything to keep the truth from coming out The devil is real and through the grace of Jesus Christ I found victory just like Dr Rebecca Brown God Bless you on your Journey This boook is one Victory for us all who truly believe in God All glory is to God If I tell people what I have been through they will think I am crazy The reality is when your next door neighbor or friend happen to be practicing witchcraft without your knowledge strange things begin to happen to you that you can't explain Until you can grasp your reality and call on the name Jesus Christ you might find yourself on the bottom of the abyss Some people may not even realize it's happening or who is doing evil things to them until it's too late IF you are always serving God and denouncing satan you don't have to know who is doing it Jesus Christ will deliver you But you must be careful who you deal with on the daily basis Word of caution do not eat from people you know because that is the uickest way your enemy can get you God Bless Amazing Honestly I do not know why people criticize Dr Rebecca Brown and her books so harshly This book has been life changing for me and I have applied some of the tools I have learned in this book The results were instant and unbelievable so much so that my wife has agreed to read this book immediately after her examsIf you are involved in Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare as a minister or you even want to deal with things in your own life that you have long suspected have spiritual causes the tools you need are in this book Thank you Dr Brown for sharing your experiences in this book You have been such as huge blessing to me This book is the reason why I have such an intimate relationship with Jesus I love the teachings in this book Rebecca truly is a servant of Jesus More utter hokum from the schizophrenic Doctor Ruth her real name and her bed mate divorced borderline personality pathological liar Elaine MosesThis time the psychotically broken disbarred MD attacks physical stretching yoga Vegetarianism the Christian church of Christianity's first 1500 years probably on orders from Jack Chick and Presbyterian churches as all tools of SatanThat's right tools of SatanBrown has been suitably debunked online Google her name and for good reason She now runs a less kooky sounding ministry and lives on a working farm in Arkansas I believe; I wish her no harm whatsoever but she'd promised us and Chick that she was going to be sacrificed to Satanists What's a prophet who's prophecies don't come true?Think LONG and hard about a person who's testimony cannot be proven or substantiated in any way Either there really is the conspiracy only she describes or Dr Rebecca Brown has lied to us all Whether due to deliberate mischief or schizophrenia only she and the Lord can say But he has not been served in this horrific seuel sure it's very fantastic when I'm reading this book many Kind of soul in this world so pathetic if we don't know it we've been fooled by Satan More bullshit from the fake Christian Dr Rebecca Brown Her insane ramblings are legendary This is intensefrom the subject matter to Brown's overriding tone Some of what she writes about I fully agree with some has me thinking and some I think is off or maybe over the top I love that Brown constantly urges the reader to pursue all of this stuff fir themselves and to spend time with Jesus and to learn to hear and follow the voice of Holy Spirit It's justreally really intense This one expands on her first He came to set the captives free book of All the various cults and how they operate and how to rid yourself of any evil that has come into your life through anyway possible even by touch A must read for anyone who wants to cleanse themselves from all evils that have damaged their lives Once cleansed you need to become born again to keep it from Ever happening to you again In this spiritual warfare manual Dr Rebecca Brown writes from seven years’ experience helping deliver many many people out of hard core satanism A seuel to Dr Brown’s best seller He Came to Set the Captives Free this book will show you how toStand victoriously against SatanDeal with the dangerous New Age teachingsRecognize and deal with satanic ritualistic abuse of childrenMinister in the area of deliveranceHandle the rarely discussed problems people face after deliveranceIt’s shocking It’s graphic But this is war Do you know how Satan can use “doorways” including yoga role playing games and meditation to bring demonic destruction into your home Satan hates you and wants to destroy you To be victorious you must Prepare for War   Book reads like a fiction book but Rebecca Brown testifies that everything in the book is true This book is about spiritual warfare and how you can win the war

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