A Woman Among Warlords The Extraordinary Story of an

A Woman Among Warlords The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice Maladai era ancora tra le braccia della mamma uando i russi hanno invaso l'Afganistan E aveva solo uattro anni uando la sua famiglia si è rifugiata in Pakistan Poi sono venuti la guerra civile negli anni Novanta la presa del potere dei Talebani la guerra del terrore degli americani Oggi che è una giovane donna Malalai Joya non ha conosciuto un solo giorno di pace in vita sua Forse per uesto perchè nel suo paese ha vistoa alternarsi gli oppressori mentre restava identica la più brutale violenza ha deciso da subito che avrebbe lottato per la propria libertà e per la libertà negata delle donne afganeuando dopo il crollo del regime talebano Malalai ha la pos sibilità di entrare a far parte dei delegati della Loya Jirga il gran consiglio afgano che dovrebbe governare il nuovo corso si ritrova in realtà seduta a fianco degli aguzzini di sempre Lo sgomento non dura che un attimo Poi Malalai decide consapevole che ci sono scelte che segnano una vita per sempreDecide di non piegarsi alla legge del silenzio Osa dare voce a chi non ha voce Si alza Chiede la parola E proprio lei una donna dice la verità che nessuno aveva mai detto In aula scoppia il putiferio Infedele gridano le lunghe barbe Prostituta Solo l'intervento di altre delegate evita il peggio Dal giorno del suo intervento Malalai è oggetto di continue minacce di morte e di continui tentativi di attentati Ormai vive una vita blindata cambia casa ogni giorno è costretta a girare con il burua proprio lei che lo combatte da sempre E il giorno del suo matrimonio ha dovuto controllare in ogni mazzo di fiori che non ci fossero bombe Però la sua battaglia non si ferma niente può più tacere la sua voce che rivela le verità più scomode e taciute i silenzi sulle connivenze internazionali la natura fondamentalista del regime Karzai in cui si intensifica la presenza di trafficanti di armi di droga di violatori dei diritti umani La storia e uella tormentata del suo paese si intrecciano A Woman Among Warlords Malalai JoyaSEE Malalai ON DEMOCRACY NOW March 28 2011 book is very good and it represents a grass roots voice of both people of Afghanistan and of free thinking Islamic womenThere are three main parts or aspects to this book A memoir of a child growing up in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation and being a refugee from that regime and then the time after returning to Afghanistan when the Taliban come to power secretly teaching school and organizing aid all as a very young woman It is also a memoir on the political life of someone who steps forward to represent everyday people during the current US occupation fighting the corrupt structure that the US has created there And then it is a political analysis of the way forward with specific things that will bring Afghanistan forwardMalalai Joya is an extremely brave person someone who does what needs to be done and does not count the personal cost This is a voice not heard elsewhere at least commonly in the west and so this is a very important book that must be read and it's wisdoms spreadIt is good to read criticism from the other side She is critical of Obama's war making and Bush's as well Her view on Benizir Bhutto again from the other side is one i've not known beforeI had to reflect too of the role of strong fathers who love their daughters and recognize the value of education and free thought I've read a few books like this lately and all involve the common element connecting this sort father in Islamic culture with the life of strong healthy womenMy one minor criticism is that perhaps the modern memoir has not aged enough to give the author perspective What she did was right but how you describe and what detail you give is not always apparent when you are in the middle of the situation That said i don't think there is time to waste this is too important and needs to be said and understood now there is blood on our hands This is a very touching memoir of a very courageous young woman Forget about everything you thought you knew about AfghanistanNo nation can donate liberation to another nation These values must be fought for and won by the people themselves All of our human rights have been won through struggle and all of them can be lost through neglectNever before has a memoir moved me as much as Malalai Joya's Raising my Voice The extraordinary story of the Afghan woman who dares to speak out has It is not the prose itself that has left a long lasting impression in me for frankly it does leave something behind to be desired but you must remember that an impressing prose is not the purpose of this book It’s purpose is to educate you and to show you what is really going on in Afghanistan and that what it’s people really want is to have all the invading forces out of the country and fight for their own democracy and liberty on their own and to have the war criminals in the government bought to justiceThis is truly touching account of a strong young independent and idealistic woman who is refusing to be silenced by her oppressive government and rightfully so Her book has been a real eye opener as to what the day to day life and struggle of the people of Afghanistan is like Poverty oppression illiteracy and no freedom of speech is what they are facing very day It is truly amazing how little we in the West know and are told about what is really going on in that far away and war torn countryWe have been led to believe by the US and NATO our own governments that the current occupation by our forces is enforced for the good of the Afghan people in the name of freedom democracy and women's rights Nothing could be further from the truth if you believe in Joya's words and I do All her verifiable stories cannot be untrueIt is frightening to read how the USNATO has driven the Taliban out of the country and put a puppet government in its place The Afghans are now ruled by a group of people that consists of war criminals fundamentalists warlords and drug lords It is a government that USNATO are still fully supporting The MP's have no intention of giving up the power that they have been given nor are they interested in improving the situation for those who really need it the poor the illiterate the children and the women of the countryIf you involvement in bettering the situation in Afghanistan can for whatever reason only extend to reading this book then you owe it to yourself and to the Afghan people to go out and buy yourself a copy right now and read it All its earnings are going toward supporting humanitarian projects in the countryI sincerely hope that Joya who has already survived numerous assassination attempts will survive long enough to experience democracy and freedom in her beloved country in her lifetime She is very day putting her life at risk for while openly fighting for it Review from 2009This is a useful and interesting book that made me consider the kinds of governments that western powers sometimes prop up Having said that if you are unfamiliar as I am with the history of Afghanistan and the ever changing situation there since 911 this is a challenging text to read I couldn’t keep track of the multiple warlords who played key roles in the corrupt government and I certainly needed background information about the figures in the Afghan parliament than the author provides here The author writes powerfully about the Afghan government’s heinous crimes against women children and the poor of the country Her book makes one uestion what the role of other nations should be with respect to this country How can the West really support this war torn place? How can the most downtrodden be protected? A skilled co writer and better editing might have helped this become a clearer illuminating work Having heard a number of interviews with Joya a charismatic and galvanizing woman I was surprised at some of the details and word choices here The book gives the impression that Joya stands alone against the corrupt that she is the only one who knows the truth about Islamic fundamentalists Few other democratic Afghan voices are heard Given her political success and the support she has received from the Afghan people Joya has surely met with other thoughtful and dedicated freedom fighters It would have been appropriate to hear about them here On another note the freuent use of the word martyrs is frankly concerning and reuires clarification for a western audience First off let me say there have been 2 versions of this book released I just bought it for my Kindle last week so I have the latest edition I did not find the writing as objectionable as some reviewers have I'm sure as in most books there are areas where it could be improved but it was not a distraction to me at allThere are many extraordinary men and women in this world and this book is the story of one of them Although Malalai Joya is a young woman she has an important story to tell Born into war torn Afghanistan she was fortunate to have a father who was educated and wanted his children to be educated as well an estimated 80% of Afghan women are illiterate Her father also instilled in her a love of democracy Malalai Joya is not her real name but it is the name she goes by in most areas of her life in order to protect her family Born in 1978 she has never known a time when her country was not at war In A Woman Among Warlords Joya describes her life in rural Afghanistan refugee camps in both Iran and Pakistan teaching in underground schools for girls and finally being elected to the new Parliament only to be ejected for speaking out Her life is constantly in danger and although she has traveled outside of Afghanistan to speak and carry her message she won't consider staying out of the country Love for the real Afghanistan the people comes through on every page The book gives a brief history of Afghanistan to fill in background for the current struggle She speaks knowledgeably about the roles other governments have played in this history and credits the research team who helped her gather this information I have read several other books about Afghanistan and the facts are consistent with what I've read Although the book carries a message of hope it is not a feel good book She conveys a picture of the horrors that the Afghan people have had to endure and is critical of the people who have brought it about This includes both Afghans such as the warlords and the president Hamid Karzai but also the former Soviet Union and the current USNATO occupation However just as she is able to distinguish between the Afghan government and the people of Afghanistan she distinguishes between the people of western countries and their governments Joya is thankful for being able to carry her message to Europe and the US and for the help she has received from some western organizations The message could sound hopeless but she doesn't see it that way In the last chapter Joya gives suggestions to people who want to help As an American I have often wondered how we could leave Afghanistan with so many problems many of which we caused knowing that there are so many warring factions Joya is insistent that if democracy is to be attained in Afghanistan it will be because the people secure it for themselves The message I get from this book is that yes they would like our help but from a distance

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