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Angola to Zydeco Angola to Zydeco Louisiana Lives is a collection of creative nonfiction pieces about the lively personalities who call south Louisiana home Originally published in newspapers based in Lafayette Times of Acadiana and Independent Weekly the twenty five profiles and features provide intriguing glimpses into the lives of well known Louisianans such as James Lee Burke Ernest J Gaines Ele Morgan Jr Buckwheat Zydeco Marc Savoy Boozoo Chavis Calvin Borel Santy Runyon and Eddie Shuler Author R Reese Fuller also details the sometimes zany and sometimes tragic subjects that populate the cultural landscape of south Louisiana from Tabasco peppers to Angola prison to cockfightingFuller brings years of experience in the newspaper industry to bear on this collection offering behind the scenes access not available elsewhere Of particular note are his interviews with musicians and local celebrities who reveal how their love of the region has influenced their work Fuller's natural approach to storytelling creates a book that is a joy to read and truly represents the people of south Louisiana

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