Mom and Muttly; A Short Story of Incest and Bestiality

Mom and Muttly; A Short Story of Incest and Bestiality ok The red hot pen of Esmeralda Greene scorches its way across the page in another Greene Shorts erotic short story In this tale teenager Kyle happens to catch his mother Angeline in a very compromising position with the family dog Angeline claims that the bestial tryst was an accident but Kyle suspects otherwise His long simmering lust for his mother is brought to a boil by the hyper erotic scene and later that night he joins his mother in her bed for a passionate lovemaking sessionBut the next day Angeline claims she wants no of the disgusting and perverted incestuous relationship even while she's sending out signals that suggest the total opposite A battle of wills ensues Kyle insists that his mother say to his face that she wants to continue their sexual relationship and Angeline just as adamantly refuses to admit to her illicit lustsIt comes down to a uestion of whose sexual need will overcome his or her stubbornness first But Angeline has a trump card in the form of her trusty dog

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