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Four friends gathered in a cold dusty attic on Christmas day to make a solemn pact“Our dreams for the future” they whispered placing tiny pieces of paper into a shimmering blue bottleBut that event happened in 1929 and it is decades later when local news reporter Brenna Delaney stumbles upon that bottle and into the most meaningful story of her careerLife has taken those four girls’ dreams of love fame and faith on a path fraught with seduction betrayal and loss Little has turned out as expected—and yet every choice every tear has led each of them to a special placeBrenna’s search will uncover the secrets of that Blue Bottle Club and her own life will never be the same“A beautiful novel about friendship and the power of faith to renew our dreams”—Angela Hunt author of Magdalene The Blue Bottle Club

About the Author: Penelope J. Stokes

It’s often been debated whether a person’s destiny lies in genetics or environment but either way I suppose I was destined to be a fiction writer A Baby Boomer with an English teacher and a social worker for parents I grew up being challenged to develop my imagination and to seek out for myself the meaning and significance of life I learned early both the magic and mystery of stories and the

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    What an inspiring story This one really gripped me; I was fascinated by the lives of the characters and how they had their futures all mapped out only for God to have other plans I need to find other books by this author

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    This lovely book appears to be about the 4 dreams of 4 teenage girls In reality it is about faith and how life transforms our dreams over time into something that is different but can also be so much better if we are open to it

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    Do our childhood dreams always come true? That is what Brenna is challenged to discover when a blue bottle is discovered in the attic of a soon to be demolished home Brenna a reporter is at a crossroad in her own life and is drawn to find the 4 women whose notes are in the bottle When 4 friends place their slips of paper defining their dreams for the future in a blue bottle Christmas Day 1929 they are fu

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    I Hated this book The author was very preachy and contributedblamedrelated any character action to God I don't appreciate that much theology I also didn't like the simplicity of the story She talked about the women's dreams over and over like a broken record It was too contrived and not very thought provoking as though a child wrote it not an adult woman I noticed the author also has written a book very sim

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    This was a wonderful story and a very enjoyable book to read Took me back to my childhood when we all put our wishes in a bottle I wish I could see what I wrote way back then

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    A friend was getting rid of some books and gave me a stack I wasn't expecting to find a treasure but I did I'm teaching Sunday School today on Proverbs 169 A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps and James 415 We ought to say 'If the Lord wills we shall live and do this or that' These two scriptures summarize the theme of this book Brandon Delaney was a television reporter who wanted who needed

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    I really liked this book It is the story of 4 girls best friends who on Christmas Day in 1929 meet in an attic and share their dreams for life They put these dreams on paper into a blue bottle and hide the bottle in the rafters of the attic 65 years later Brendena local reporter is given the bottle when the old house is being demolished She is intrigued by the notes and decides to track down the 4 women and see wher

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    4 teenagers in the 30's put their dreams for the future in a blue bottle and hide it in the rafters of one of the girl's houses Sixty five years later it is discovered and a reporter searches out the 4 women to see if they achieved their dreams Good book for thinking about life

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    Excellent Read Loved it from start to finish

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    This is a great book I started reading it on Sunday and I read over half of it in one sitting I can't wait to go home and finish it tonight

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