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Demo November 2002 and sixteen year old Clare is travelling from Glasgow to Florence with her older brother Danny to be a part of the anti capitalist demo Amidst the crowds they meet Julian and Letitia two alluring and seductive anti capitalists from down south Over the next few years the lives of Danny Clare Letitia and Julian become impossibly entangled in the personal and the political as each decides what is and what's not worth shouting about But how will they come to shape the world and how will the world come to shape them

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    A sort of dark off beat romance set in the world of the 21st century 'protest movement' against the G7 Ira Bush etc Tells the story of a 16 year old girl her brother his friend and his friend's ex partner as they go to Florence for a 'demo' which results in the complicating of all their love lives; and

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    I persevered with this but almost wish I hadn't bothered It was an ok book nothing The sex descriptions were unnecessarily lurid and didn't add to the text And there was no real story Not a book I'd recommend

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    i'm not so sure what to make of this I read it easily in one night though it wasn't that flimsy I liked the Scottish voice of the narrators though it certainly wasn't the difficult complete dialect immersion of say Irvine Welsh It felt as it was that it was written by someone who didn't speak that langau

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    The amazing thing about this was that I bought it in Shetland in 2006 and read it on the ferry back to Orkney never knew a 6 hour ferry journey pass so fast And then the sense of the BB in Florence the rooms the bed the sex and the dreds the doubt and confusion stayed with me ever since I only needed to l

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    A book about an anti Ira War demonstration and yet it turns into being about two spoiled brattish Trustafarians and their love life The demonstration itself gets few words despite it being a visually rich texture to describe something I've done in my own book on political protest But with this book the key

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    35 stars Really liked the first part Preferred reading from Clares perspective over Letitias

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