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Lilith Wild Child #2 Mike Wells did it again After recently reading Wild Child book 1 I really wasn't sure what to expect but the seuel dubbed 'Lilith' I found was even better; Despite delays caused by a bout of poor health I managed to read this book very uickly on and off within a few hours it was that engagingAgain this story is fast paced and riddled with plenty of action scenes There are fantasysci fi elements that elaborate on key scenes in book 1 We also see a very nasty uncompromising side to 'Brains and Brawn' and soon see the true unsettling power of the almost symbolic 'green water' In addition readers will soon learn why in this novel the phrase 'extended family' takes on a new meaningI really enjoyed the writing style and at times was vaguely reminded of sci fithriller 'The Tommyknockers' by Stephen King maybe due to the 'green light' and for reasons that later become apparant Gregory Widen's fantasy classic 'Highlander' but this was far succinct and dare I say 'unputdownable'Can't wait to read the final installment which I understand is due out soonBravo Mr Wells on another fine story Having read Mike's Wild Child one I was anticipating the second book in the series and it didn't disappoint Like a good movie series the first book did a good job setting up the story and the second proceeded to unfold information and twists as well as having a bump in actionThe biggest thrill for me in the the 2nd book was the mystery behind Lilith You spend the book wondering who is she? That kind of mystery tugs at me and the ending is a perfect cliff hanger to a third book much like a good season finale I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest reviewI started this book as soon as I was finished with Wild Child Book 1 These books are a uick read and are difficult to put down once you start them As soon as I’m done writing this review I have to start the third bookAs far as the main character Kyle is concerned this book started out as I expected I knew he’d have to take responsibility for his actions at the end of the first book and would try to make amends to Brianna Other than that there were many surprises even a couple jaw dropping moments I hate it when I’m reading at work and realize my mouth is hanging open I don’t like spoilers so that’s all I’m going to sayI liked Wild Child but Lilith is even better I definitely recommend Lilith but I also recommend reading Wild Child first This was just as fabulous as the first book in this series that I have read The story follows on from the first Kyle is riddled with guilt about blocking Briana into the under water cave so he goes back to rescue her only to find she discovered another route out of the cave and was very well they realised the govenment are still after them time is running out they need to act fast Not wanting to give to much of the story away this is unputdownable a must read an originally refreshing and uniue story that will have you on the edge of your seats right to the end Mike wells the author has a style of writing that flows like water his story never becomes complacent I have read three of this authors books now and each time have been blown away I have mixed feelings I reread book 1 and then read book 2 both this afternoon I guess that means I liked it which is true The thing I hate is waiting for a conclusion and not knowing if i will have to live another 50 years to see it Obviously I will likely continue with the series because it is so engrossing and surprise follows surprise On the other hand I am not sure his many series that seem never ending i will read This applies not only to this authorPlease get book 3 out soon and I hope all finishes in less than 2 years What can I say? Another wonderful read from Mike Wells This is the second book from the Wild Child series I'm always amazed that Wells manages to draw me completely into his stories and keeps me transfixed until the end With too many books I pick them up and within a page or even a paragraph I know what's going to happen and where it's going Not with Wild Child Wells' writing is unexpected and fresh His protagonist is thoughtful and caring when most would walk away I cannot wait to read book 3 although I will as I bask in the world I've been in a while before moving to the next I got Wild Child 2 very recently and loved it Mike Wells is well known for his unputdownable books but I'll also add that he's great for the cliffhangers too I cannot wait for Wild Child 3 to come out Wild Child 2's ending was unbelievably great and so unexpected I'll need some of that green water to heal my fingers once I'm down biting my nails after all this waiting Argl Wild Child Book Lilith Free Book A Teenage Sci Achetez et tlchargez ebook Wild Child Book Lilith Free Book A Teenage Sci Fi Conspiracy Thriller English Edition Boutiue Kindle Science Fiction Fantasy Magic fr Wild Child Lilith and The Eye of Ra Book English Achetez et tlchargez ebook Wild Child Lilith and The Eye of Ra Book English Edition Boutiue Kindle Action Adventure fr Wild Child Book Lilith ePub Mike Wells Achat Lilith Wild Child Book Mike Wells Auto dition Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Lilith Wild Child by Mike Wells Mike Wells did it again After recently reading Wild Child book I really wasn't sure what to expect but the seuel dubbed 'Lilith' I found was even better; Despite delays caused by a bout of poor health I managed to read this book very uickly on and off within a few hours it was that engaging ‎Wild Child Book Lilith on Apple Books ‎Briana Fox is the wildest girl in school She and Kyle have been close for a long timealmost lovers But Kyle is afraid that if he pushes her he'll have his heart broken and lose his best friend When Briana challenges him to a swim across the lake she's injured in a horrific accident but she Lilith Unleashing Your Inner Wild Woman Much of my life I have felt the inner wild child within but have not set boundaries within myself therefore I have not respected myself and others have not either While meditating I felt what was going to happen before it happened Before your guided meditation told me to have Lilith take me into the sea she had already taken me into the sky asked if I was ready then let me freefall into Free Read Memoir Book ↠ Lilith by Mike Wells Lilith is the second installment in what is rapidly becoming the Wild Child series It's a fast paced well plotted follow up which delivers answers to many of the uestions and mysteries from Book whilst posing new uestions for Book The stakes are raised in Lilith now lives are at stake than just Briana's and the fallout from the incident on the lake threatens to overwhelm WASP Wild Child The Wraith Tribute YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on YouTube Lilith in Synastry „Wild Card in Us“ – Horoscopes Lilith is known to be a wild card of horoscope Lilith represents our need for independence it is that part of us that is bold enough to stay truth to herself – no matter what conseuences might be People have their opinions on us how we should live our life what is best for us It is really Lilith who is ready to rebel against all odds Free in its expressions sexual longings Lilith and Your Inner Wild Woman | Louise Edington Lilith in your chart represents your inner wild woman and in MY chart she is right next to conjunct my natal Gemini Moon In the sign of the voice the writer the teacher And in the house system I use most commonly Porphry she is in the Fifth house of children the inner child joy drama and creativity You will see why this is important This is the second book to the Wild Child series The first one same title was free from the author My curiosity got the better of me and I bought this one I enjoyed than the first one The government are after Briana and Kyle They found deep in a lake some type of miracle water To find out read the book It's a good read Now I have to wait for the 3rd one

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