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Defiant Charged with a crime they didn't commit the MacKinnon brothers faced a death sentence until they agreed to serve the British Crown in the colonies and take up arms against the French Allied with the Indian tribes who lived beside them in the wilderness the Scottish Highland warriors forged a new breed of soldier MacKinnon's Rangers Major Connor MacKinnon despises his commander Lord William Wentworth beyond all other men Ordered to rescue Wentworth's niece after the Shawnee take her captive he expects Lady Sarah Woodville to be every bit as contemptible as her uncle Instead he finds a brave and beautiful lass in desperate peril But the only way to free Sarah is for Connor to defeat the Shawnee warrior who kidnapped her and claim her himself Torn by tragedy from her sheltered life in London Lady Sarah is unprepared for the harshness of the frontier or for the attraction she feels toward Connor When they reach civilization however it is she who must protect him For if her uncle knew all that Connor had done to save her he would surely kill him But the flames of passion once kindled are difficult to deny As desire transforms into love Connor will have to defy an empire to keep Sarah at his side WARNING – You know when you read an awesome awesome book and you want to write an eually awesome awesome review to pay homage but when you sit down to write it your brain feels like it left the station days ago and all your words lack the emotion you need For this very reason I’ve been struggling with this review for not just hours but days So please keep that in mindPamela Clare fans can rest assured that the third instalment to the MacKinnon’s Rangers series is not only as fantastic as the first two books but it is above and beyond expectationI’ve always sworn by Pamela’s contemporary suspense romance but after finishing Defiant I am no longer situated in one camp I am firmly straddled between her contemporary bliss and historical perfection I am still entirely gobsmackedYou know that feel you get from a perfect romance read the one where your chest feels heavy somewhere between a dull throb and a soaring sensation When your mind is so content that your body voices its approval as well Well days later I am still buzzing For three nights I have gone to bed thinking of Connor Iain and Morgan So yeah I’m a little slutty but I can’t help it These men are sculpted God’s of perfection Inside and out I can’t fault them Rugged determined tough but yet the thing that drives me crazy is the size of their hearts Connor and Sarah’s story had me in a constant state of agony We all have busy lifestyles but for a book like this you need to clear your schedule I’d go to the extreme of arranging divorce proceedings shipping the kids to the grandparents and uitting your job just so you can have undisturbed peace and uiet I vow to you you will need it Like his brothers Connor has an unwavering set of morals that make me swoon And Sarah was such a young and beautiful woman – inside and out Their love for each other was palpableI can only imagine the extent of research Pamela Clare went to for this series I’m not a history buff and I live in Australia so the history of other countries doesn’t interest me all that much But Pamela made me excited about learning and the foreword at the end of the story which tells about the history surrounding this book was fantastic Now I’m not going to babble on any longer The story was fantastic and for someone who doesn’t do re reads I already want to read it again So please do yourself a favour and check out this series Note from the author For those of you obsessed with this series I was excited to find out that Pamela has plans to make a book for the HUNKY Joseph WOOT WOOT UPDATE Congratulations RITA finalist Pamela Clare Those who have read the MacKinnnon's Rangers series will not be surprised to learn that DEFIANT has been given the honor of being a RITA finalist And if you haven't yet read this amazing series what are you waiting for Get with the program You won't be disappointedCheck out Pamela's blog post about getting the call own forewordI first want to say thank you Pamela for giving me the opportunity the excitement and honor of reading this book chapter by chapter as it was being written then again once it was completed I’m not in the least embarrassed to say that even after that I read it again twice in its entirety and still knowing what was coming what to expect I laughed I cried I sighed I was angry my hands shook my heart raced you name the emotion and while reading this book I felt it again and again Such an incredible experience So yeah thank you Pamela trulyNow let's move on to the reason you’re all here Defiant is the third book in the MacKinnon’s Rangers series and one of the most beautiful amazing heartbreaking joyous poignant exciting perfectly wonderful romance novels I’ve ever read No I take it back that's not what it is calling it a romance novel doesn’t do it justice What it is is a true love story in every way imaginable I adored Iain and Annie’s story and Morgan and Amalie’s but Connor and Sarah my absolute favorite of the three It's such an adventure An incredible journey from letting go of the past to embracing the here and now and the future Connor and Sarah have so many things to overcome and I don’t just mean Indians murder kidnapping pissy asshat relatives and gossip and rumors I mean yeah those things are there but nothing compared to what they had to overcome within themselves their own personal demons anger betrayal hopelessness a need for revenge so consuming it can destroy one’s soul such a powerful storyOkay some things you need to know Before you begin this book stock up on the following1 Snacks and beverages that don’t reuire refrigeration You’ll be needing plenty of these because you’re going to want to lock yourself away somewhere nice and uiet and once there you will not want to leave in search of sustenance Trust me on this2 Tissues Boxes and boxes of tissues Don't skimp you’ll need them 3 And girls ‘cuz I love you and I got your backs this is critical make sure you’ve got your significant other on standby or a stockpile of batteries Just sayin’Some final thoughtsThere are so many things to love about the MacKinnon brothers Their passion their sense of humor their honor and need to always do what’s right the way they take care of their women and this uote from the book sums them up so so wellJoseph speaking to Sarah “You are new here so I will explain In this land nobility comes not from one’s fathers or a title or from the land one owns but from one’s actions” His voice was hard edged and his words seemed harsh to her “The MacKinnon brothers are the highest nobility to those who live on the frontier—true warriors men who know how to fight and survive men who put the lives of others before their own Your family’s wealth your title your virtue—they mean nothing out here They won’t fill your belly and they won’t keep you alive What matters most right now is your survival” And one of the most beautiful romantic lines I've ever read and when you read this story you'll understand why it had me in tearsOch Sarah how shall I call augh’ beautiful again unless it be the sight of you Yeah not just in tears sobbing so hard my chest hurtBut this wouldn't be a MacKinnon's Rangers story without those laugh out loud scenes we've come to expect those moments that bring some light to the darkness and this exchange is one of them Joseph and ConnorJoseph stood his gaze traveling over Connor’s clean shaven face and hairless chest his lips curving in a grin “What’s this The cub is not so furry”“That devil woman’s granddaughters waylaid me took me to her lodge insisting they had to prepare me for the ceremony They bathed and oiled me shaved my face then plucked every hair out of my chest and belly God’s blood it was torture”Connor’s skin still smartedJoseph chuckled “You look good—just like a human being should look Only animals have hairy faces and bodies”This was a familiar disagreeance one they’d debated many times afore“Real men have hair on their chests” Connor fired back “You look like a lass wi’ smooth paps”But this only made Joseph laugh harderConnor’s temper snapped “Dinnae be laughin’ at me They went for my cods so they did I had to thrust them away else they’d have plucked me bare there too I willna submit my bollocks to such abuse”Joseph bit his lip clearly trying to rein in his mirth “So you prefer to make women search the bush to find the snake”“My snake is no’ so small that the lasses must search for it” So yeah I could go on and on and on sharing uotes and telling you how much I love every single word of this book but I won't do that I won't deprive you the pleasure of experiencing the story for yourself and discovering all the amazing little gems that make Defiant one of my very favorite historical love stories everAnd great news for all us MacKinnon fans Pamela has promised at least two full length books in the series YAY And she just confirmed that Joseph will be the hero for one of those booksEdited to add The trailer has finally been released the live action book trailer for DEFIANT is out And totally awesome I might add you're already a Pamela Clare fan or interested in learning about her and her books be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads REVIEW EDITEDCOMPLETED JULY 5 2012 “Remember this night Remember me“  Yes Pamela I sure will Always  Unforgettable Enthralling Emotional Beautiful Simply amazing Defiant is a masterpiece written by the truly gifted Pamela Clare Kudos Pamela’s beautiful and stunning prose is simply outstanding She knows how to paint a vivid yet believable pictureLadies you all know what has to comekissing Connor kissing my Kindle does the happy dance Pamela put my humble soul right into readers’ heaven March 1760 Northwest of AlbanyLady Sarah Woodville had been sailing with her chaperone and her lady’s maid from New York up the Hudson river toward Albany to her Uncle William Wentworth She needs his help because her parents sent her away after she allegedly “scandalized” herself and her family Her chaperone had been unable to tolerate the rocking of the ship and to help ease her seasickness the captain had rowed her Sarah and the lady’s maid ashore together with a few other passengers Shortly afterwards they were attacked by painted men with muskets knives and hatchets Most of them were killed Sarah her lady’s maid and a young boy were held captive and Wentworth sent his best men to free Sarah Connor and Joseph The plot is very engaging and I don't want to give away since I would spoil your reading experience  When Connor saw Sarah for the first time she seemed to be so young and fragile and yet also defiant Yes Connor you’re in for a surpriseSarah is a strong and defiant character and the perfect match for the eually strong Connor I loved this phrase She Lady Sarah Woodville great granddaughter of His Majesty King George II fell in love with Connor MacKinnon colonial Ranger and son of Jacobites smiles Therefore I found Connor calling her Princess so suitable It was a very sweet endearment   Never reveal your true self to those who do not truly love you Connor is a hero in every sense of the word He is a fierce tough and smart warrior Moreover Connor is an incredibly honorable and loyal man and treats Sarah with gentleness He is very protective and he cares deeply for Sarah even before he knows that he is in love with her Joseph explained it wonderfully  In this land nobility comes not from one’s fathers or a title or from the land one owns but from one’s actions The MacKinnon brothers are the highest nobility to those who live on the frontier—true warriors men who know how to fight and survive men who put the lives of others before their own BTW I cannot wait to read Joseph’s story As a matter of fact I already adore this man He is such an interesting and complex character and I truly hope that his love interest will be a white woman A mixed race romance I’m so game Here is a rather hilarious scene between Joseph and Connor You look good just like a human being should look Only animals have hairy faces and bodiesThis was a familiar disagreeance one they'd debated many times aforeReal men have hair on their chests Connor fired back You look like a lass wi' smooth papsBut this only made Joseph laugh harderConnor's temper snapped Dinnae be laughing' at me They went for my cods so they did I had to shove them away else they'd have plucked me bare there too I willna submit my bollocks to such abuseJoseph bit his lip clearly trying to rein in his mirth So you prefer to make women search the bush to find the snakeMy snake is no' so small that the lasses must search for itThere’s so much to love about this book The characters are wonderfully drawn they are multifaceted and very adorable I loved the banter the dialogue and Connor’s absolutely endearing accent and the many obviously historically accurate details You can expect a very good plot action drama and beautifully written and very sensual love scenes Connor's love making was incredibly tender considerate and yet very passionate The love between Connor and Sarah is truly beautiful fierce full of passion hungry and all encompassing It’s everything I could ever wish for because that’s romance at its best And yes I will shamelessly admit that I’m such a hopeless romantic  “There’s a name for what you’re feelin’ Sarah Do you ken what it is”Sarah shook her head She was not sure she wanted to know “Connor I—““’Tis desire”She shook her head took a step backward “Nay I—““Shall we put my supposition to test” I was wondering why Pamela would match Connor with Wentworth’s niece Sarah I mean Connor and Wentworth hate each other after all Then I had this inkling Maybe Pamela wants us to come to gradually “like” Wentworth before his story will be told Having said that this could be a very smart move All in all there were some signs in Defiant that showed us that Wentworth seems to have a heart gasp even though it’s deeply buried frozen under his armor Beyond doubt Wentworth is an intriguing secondary character However I have such a hard time to get past his evil deeds His allegedly selfless act rubbed me the wrong way I certainly don’t love this man and I don’t even particularly like him Here comes a pretty huge spoiler view spoiler He did something that came kinda unexpected; it was out of character when he stayed to fight against the Wyandot and told Sarah Connor and Cooke to flee Then again I want so much than what he did for Sarah and Connor  Had he done a single selfless thing in his life He very much doubted itPerhaps this would make up for a lifetime of laziness in that regard I just felt that he had the perfect occasion to position himself as the martyr Having said that martyrdom doesn’t suit you Wentworth It was not only about saving Sarah Essentially I felt that Wentworth wanted Sarah to remember him as the man who gave his life to save hers He wanted her to “forget” his cruel deeds Kind of “Let’s make some good and worthwhile memories and forget the bad stuff” I’m very sorry but that’s not good enough Wentworth I want you to suffer Well it’s possible that he had to endure torture while he was held captiveTo top everything off Sarah's anger toward Wentworth turned to regret and guilt Seriously Sarah I believe that your uncle deserved every sharp word of yours You shouldn't beg for forgiveness that's entirely up to him to do so hide spoiler Review Update July 27th I was recently made aware of a deleted scene from Defiant The scene includes Nicholas the main hero from Ride the Fire Here's the link Enjoy DEFIANT Deleted SceneHuge 5 starsI can't begin to express my love for this book I'm sitting here writing this review with tears in my eyes and happiness in my heart  Defiant is everything and then some that I've come to expect and love from a Pamela Clare historical romance It's full of action adventure suspense intrigue romance passion family friendship honor humor sorrow and happiness Connor and Sarah have a powerful love story and I became teary eyed when they finally found their much deserved happily ever after I want to take this opportunity to express my love and admiration for the MacKinnon's Rangers series as a whole and pay tribute to my favorite historical romance novelist Pamela Clare She has created an engaging historical world where I can completely immerse myself in the time period and fall in love with her brave honorable swoon worthy heroes and her steadfast admirable and endearing heroines I will alway treasure and hold dear to my heart the unforgettable characters of Iain and Annie Morgan and Amalie and Connor and Sarah I am sad their story is over That said I was excited to learn this series isn't fully completed yet Pamela Clare has announced she plans to release a few books for us to enjoy One for Lord William Wentworth and one for Joseph I can not wait to find out what actually happened to Lord Wentworth view spoilerduring his captivity at the end of this book hide spoiler

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