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Fields of Yesterday Brussels 1915 It is a frosty April evening in occupied Belgium when a beautiful young woman finds herself on the run from the enemy Also being pursued is Ned Scott a British army major who has been badly injured The pair find themselves at a hospital run by the famous Edith Cavell who agrees to treat the major while offering them both refuge and a false identity she names the young girl AnnaHowever it seems no one is safe and as details of Anna's true identity emerge the enemy's net tightens Meanwhile the major is torn between his desire to stand by brave Edith and the knowledge that he must escapeClosely watched wherever they go is there anyone these three people can trust And will love have the power to overcome the horrors of war I love Mary Jane Staples books especially the Adams Family saga but I haven't read one of her books in a while wasn't disappointedenjoyable read transporting you back to 1914 with a good amount of suspense and romance This book can also be found under the title Nurse Anna's War by Mary Jane Staples Louise and Ned met in a ditch both running from the Germans in Belgium WW1 Ned has a seriously broken arm and they help eachother reach a place of safety the cliniue of nurse Edith CavellCavell is a kind of Florence Nightingale who not only nurses all wounded but also heads an underground railroad to get Allied soldiers out of the countryI felt that the book dwelt too heavily on Edith and it became a story about Edith Cavell than our h h Its not the best idea for a story to have two heroines especially one as superhuman as Cavell Where does that leave our relatively normal bright Louise but as an afterthought?The last two chapters really pick up and I wish we could have had chapters on their final escapeThe ending is satisfying in the sense of closure but is far too short It feels rushed which is disappointing Also the humor and witty banter that I love so much in RTStevens writing is profoundly lacking in this one Still I give it a solid3 12 StarsCONTENT SEX None although the reader is privy to the heroine's thoughts at one point and they're rather well she could have kept them to herselfVIOLENCE A few knockouts nothing majorPROFANITY Mild cussingMY RATING PG 13if you're wondering where the 'Anna' comes from in the alternate title it is Louise's assumed name under the tutelage of Nurse Cavell This has been the book that I have really needed to read I have given it five stars because it’s not only about a heroine to me In that it tells about Edith Cavell working in Belgium during World War II as a matron of a nurse in school but also because he is hoping to book that has helped me gripped with the escapades of Louise Victoria and Major NedDoes this book has been heartbreaking in learning of the arrest and subseuent execution of Edith Cavell I feel that I have witnessed her bravery and devotion to her work as a nurse And also in her loyalty as a British womanI really like Louise and Ned and the slow burning relationship that they have and though it’s very lighthearted in the way it’s been written it has brought lightness to a dark subject of the World War II invasion Of Belgium Well what was Robert Tyler Stevens thinking when he wrote this? It seems to me that he wanted to write about Edith Cavell the Nurse than about his usual Hh theme But unfortunately he gave us two heroines with only one hero and he let the second heroine dwarf the main girl Louise Victoria Nurse Cavell was just so much a hero that Louise was much too easily forgotten Frankly I preferred Louise to our heroic Nurse Cavell Major Ned Scott is or hero a nice rugged man who is in his own words a slightly ungentlemanly solider But even he seems not so heroic in comparisons to the magnificent Miss Cavell He like everyone else becomes deeply devoted to Nurse Cavell and fails to see poor Louise The beginning and ending of this book was fabulous; but boy did that middle drag In the beginning we have Scott and Louise running for their lives and then the end up with Nurse Cavell and we are in dead water when it comes to our Hh Now the story is all about Madame Cavell and all of her endeavors until the last fourth of the book when things heat up too much for Scott and Louise and then we are back o the excitement of fleeing In all honesty if the parts of Cavell had been cut down and about the plight of our Hh added this book would have been wonderful But it is what it is For all that it was good and I liked the ending even if not everything wasn't how I had hoped Would I reread this book? No I would reread other books by Robert Tyler StevensMary Jane Staples but this isn't one of them PG 13 We have very mild swearing a fair bit of violence and blood as well as the uestionable privilege of getting the hear the heroine's thoughts on one occasion which were on the vulgar side

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