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It's difficult to love a woman whose vagina is a gateway to the world of the deadSteve is madly in love with his eccentric girlfriend Stacy Unfortunately their sex life has been suffering as of late because Steve is worried about the odd noises that have been coming from Stacy's pubic region She says that her vagina is haunted She doesn't think it's that big of a deal Steve on the other hand completely disagrees When a living corpse climbs out of her during an awkward night of sex Stacy learns that her vagina is actually a doorway to another world She persuades Steve to climb inside of her to explore this strange new place But once inside Steve finds it difficult to return especially once he meets an oddly attractive woman named Fig who lives within the lonely haunted world between Stacy's legs The Haunted Vagina

About the Author: Carlton Mellick III

Carlton Mellick III July 2 1977 Phoenix Arizona is an American author currently residing in Portland Oregon He calls his style of writing avant punk and is currently one of the leading authors in the recent 'Bizarro' movement in underground literaturecitation needed with Steve Aylett Chris Genoa and D Harlan WilsonMellick's work has been described as a combination of trashy schlock

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    Why not try something new ?What can I say I got inspired Dthe name of the guy is Steve I changed it to Paul We have a story And a guy name PaulHe had a girlfriendAnd loved her most of allTheir love was sweetBut not so pureHe had a mission Her vagina to cureHer vajeje made noicesA whisper a howlWhen it got too spookyPaul cover her crotch with a towelPaul tried to be braveHe thought he could ta

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    It’s a no from me dawg

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    Do the stories of bizarro books even matter? To an outsider the whole genre seems to be one extremely tedious oneupmanship contest for the most eyecatching title—whoever writes The Haunted Vagina wins the wackiest dude prize and readers And Carlton Mellick III is that winner hence me But the friend who plopped this specimen on my lap—eliciting honks of laughter from the surrounding nerds—was on

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    ► BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting Dec 10 2015This story is supposed to be funny Watch me laughIt should have been funny I mean it's about a woman whose vagina is a gateway to the world of the dead How could this be anything but hilarious? Such a premise definitely calls for much merriment and revelry Actually I think I might be at fault here Maybe I read it all wrong Maybe I have no sense of humor

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    This is the weirdest book I have ever read Some dude finds out his girlfriend's vagina is a doorway to another world Yep another worldSo of course he crawls inside her and explores the world and meets a girl with horns and falls in love with her after he is forced to remain in the bizarro world when his girlfriend in the real world gets pregnant trapping him there Apparently the bizarro world is transferre

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    Do you like it strange? How far into the bizarre are you willing to go? This bizarro genre has for me been extremely hit or miss I either dislike a book so much that I trash it or I like it very much I do like The Haunted Vagina But how odd is it really that someone hears voices coming from a vagina? I find they communicate rather well simply pay attention people I also find the structure of this book allurin

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    Happy Valentines Day This little book was made available for free this weekend by Eraserhead or Avant Punk or however this whole incestuous Bizzaro world is organized as a pdf so I thought what better way to spend Valentines Day evening when normal people are out on dates or fucking or whatever it is people do who have relationships with other people than to read a love story about a boy and a girl with ghosts l

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    What a fun romp through Stacy's vagina Who knew it would turn into such a heartwarming love story? The alternate universe between Stacy's legs is just as mesmerizing and amazing as Wonderland and the Emerald city It's funny and beautifully writtenI also enjoyed Carlton Mellick's The Menstruating Mall It's refreshing to know of a man not afraid to explore the female mystiue in such an up close and personal way Carlt

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    There are voices coming out of Steve’s girlfriends vajayjay “It was like listening to the ocean in a hairy flesh seashell” Wtf is going on down there in Stacy's love oven? Weird Time to do a little pootie investigation Get out the spelunking gear and dive head first into the vertical smile It’s a whole other world up in the lady flower complete with crafty dinners spit covered glow worms melting skeletons and

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    Now THAT was one fucked up story Definitely not something I would normally read but I have to admit it WAS interestingin a twisted gross fucked up way  Please don't ask me to plot review; I don't think I can ETA Alright so after thinking about this story some and reading other reviews I've realized that I saw this story totally differently from most of those other readers and I have come to the conclusion with some a

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