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Start Shooting “The best way I can describe the Four Corners neighbor­hood of Chicago is find a length of rebar scratch a big cross into the concrete set your feet solid in the uadrant you like best lean back and start shooting” Officer Bobby Vargas is hard edged but idealistic a Chicago cop who stands at the epicenter of a subterranean plot that will have horrific ramifications for both himself and the entire city Twenty five years earlier a gruesome murder rocked the unforgiving streets of Four Corners Now sud­denly a dying Chicago paper is running a serial exposé on new evidence in that old case threatening to implicate Bobby and his older brother Ruben—a decorated high ranking detective and cop prince of the streets The smear campaign stirs up decades old bad blood leading the Vargas brothers down an increasingly twisted and terrifying path where the sins of the past threaten to destroy what remains of the truth As readers and critics discovered in his first novel Calumet City Charlie Newton’s Chicago is a landscape as brutal and poignant as any in modern crime fiction—a multi faceted shockingly violent labyrinth of gangland politics political backstabbing corporate malfeasance and possi­bly hope Start Shooting is a riveting read

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    Four main characters populate this dark gritty tale Bobby Vargas an idealistic cop in the Gang Unit; his brother Ruben a hopelessly corrupt amoral homicide cop; Arlene Brennan a long struggling actress who finally has a shot at the big time; and the city of Chicago itself where the story is setTwenty five years earlier when they were young teenagers Bobby Ruben and Arlen

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    Newton is an incredible writer His gritty corrupt Chicago is right on target I was loving every page until I hit 160 whereupon he jumped the shark Sorry I can't believe impossible things before breakfast let alone lunch and dinner I kept reading hoping he would jump back but it only got worse As exciting as he is to read I can't do it again It's heartbreaking to love the writ

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    exiting crimecop noir set in mean streets of chicago both slums and bright shiny corporateland a rather twisty plot of horrific sociopathy japanese master race war crimes big shoulders corruption cops vs gangs white vs all others families vs theirownsleves dreams of love and art vs cold blooded murder yes twisty at times all the names and angles and plots tend to bombard the reade

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    This book was so atrocious I gave it a star for some fun Chicago stuff and pretty good Chicago geography It feels like the writer was thinking “I know I’m not great at this and I may never get another chance So I’m going to put every single plot idea I’ve ever had in this one book”

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    This book is something of a follow up to Newton's debut novel Calumet City though only minor characters actually overlap between the two books Which was perhaps the only disappointing thing about this book I wanted of an update about Patti Black Otherwise I loved the book in all of its sad sweet brutal and thrilling glory Newton's narrative style is well matched with his gritty version of

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    Every once in awhile I come across a book I just can't get into I put it aside pick it back up try to figure out the problem This was one of those books for me The plot could have should have grabbed my attention Instead it felt like I'd been spun around in circles and I couldn't get my bearingsThis book is written in first person with two POV characters but they felt the same to me Each narrate

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    Superior noir filling all the important boxes1 Sense of doom surrounds all major characters2 Deep character flaws3 Lived in feel of setting Chicago4 Melodramatic plot serving melodramatic emotional tenor5 Blonde from the past6 Dirty cops7 Violence violence violence8 You can never escape your 9 Lead character with big dreams10 Lies lies liesIf this sounds like your cup of tea this book will float your

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    What did I think? Did not love itHello Everybody this is my first review here and not only is it negative but I am hiding it due to spoilers and abstaining from writing a plot synopsis to discribe this convoluted messI will admit Charlie Newton had me hooked with this gritty noirish suspense mystery involving two street smart Mexican Police Officer brothers and a damaged but strong and resilient Irish gir

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    Are you missing a little adrenalin in your life right now? If self isolation and sanitation aren’t getting it for ya read this Privateers might be the solution The plot is dark and twisty and the characters are flawed and wonderful I was shocked to discover there are things out there worse than coronavirus And delighted that even in the worst of times fun is still possible It was hard to put this one down so

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    Fast paced procedural Bobby Vargar and Arleen Brennan rock Reading this guy's work makes me out of breath Interesting story great Chicago background Going to go back and read his first book and any to come Bravo Charlie

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