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Mistress For A Weekend Well this was cute and fun if misnamed There was nothing mistressy about it he hijacks her for a weekend and fun shenanigans follow Low angst a clumsy and mouthy heroine a hero that sneakily seduces her and comes with a big wacky family Gotta have a lot of baggage for the long haul Some parts of this were brilliant Some not so muchI liked The clumsy heroine who remained clumsy throughout So many times authors start with a clumsy character then conveniently forget about it after the cute meet Loved the fear of heights how it added humor but also allowed the hero to show his considerate side Liked the banter The sex scenes were really hot and felt fresh I disliked that the whole book was about 3 or 4 really long scenes taking place over 3 days After awhile it was hard to remember just how long they'd known each other and what day it was Then at the end things started happening randomly in a rush It seemed like the author had to wrap it up and just threw stuff together Here again I was flipping back to find out what day it was only now the days were rushing by with a definite lack of words like 'later that week' This felt like the beginning of a mainstream contemporary novel that needed another 150 pages to tell the rest of the story Which novel I would have loved to read Cute story of a clumsy computer tech heroine who attends a high society party right after walking in on her fiancé cheating on her with her roommate CEO hero is bored by the party and amuses himself by watching the “sparrow” heroine enter the party Heroine ends up spilling her purse in front of the hero and later spilling her wine on him They end up in his hotel room but when the hero decides to have a shower before the main event heroine panics and leaves without saying goodbye She inadvertently takes a computer disk of the hero’s before checking into a cheap motel and drinking vodka Hero thinks she’s stolen company secrets and finagled the whole meeting Heroine tries to assert her innocence but hero “kidnaps” her to his beach house with no phoneThat’s the set up and it’s really cute The Hh have great chemistry and there is a lot of witty banter and droll narration The only thing that bothered me was the heroine’s crappy behavior of just walking out without saying good bye and snooping on the hero’s computer disk That’s not onI liked the hero and his mother and sister It refreshing to see an alpha who has a good opinion of women and good relationships I wish the heroine had confronted her roommate and had stronger words for the cheating fiancé No comeuppance at all sigh Nora ends up at a company cocktail party reeling from catching her roommate in the bathtub with her fiancee Nora's fiancee to be exact Ouch Intelligent freckles and a little on the gangly side Nora does not have much self confidence in her attraction and finding her jerk of a fiancee in flagrante did not helpEssentially Mistress is the story about the slow burn between Blake and Nora Toss in some insta lust possible white collar espionage and a smart hero a sassy heroine who keeps him on his toes and you have another solid read by SN It's not uite a screwball comedy but almost It falls nicely under rom com This is the first Harleuin Presents book I have ever read I really liked it I wanted to sample the HP line and both Agent Scully and Danielle had given this book high marks I was not disappointed The writing was very good and I liked Blake and Nora I'm going to look for books by this author and then may expand into other authors in the line Mistress for a Weekend is the story of Nora and Blake Don't go by the cheesy title this is actually a super fun readOur h Nora is a computer whiz who finds her long time BF in the bathtub with her roommate Utterly infuriated she leaves the home in a little black dress buys a pair of kickass heels and crashes a business party There she meets Blake MacLeod infamous womanizer and tycoon and sparks fly He whisks her away to his apartment and gives her the O's of her life Next morning she escapes only for Blake to chase and kidnap her whisking her away to a remote cabin as he fears she might have come across some important information that might cost Blake millionsWitty charming and funny main leads with instant chemistry wicked banter and loads of adorably awkward moments We know the hero was smitten and the heroine was so exasperated it legit made me smile when they fought The sex was hot tooSafe45 Loved it A great read The girl was a bumbling fool She acted like a toddler still learning to walk Clumsy heroines are just not my thing It might endear her to some readers to me it just got on my nerves Auckland New Zealand’s Sky Toweris the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere ★★★★★ LOVED this one Auckland’ Sky Tower is where Nora Lang and Blake MacLeod meet for the first time BTW Nora is afraid of heights and the restaurant at the top revolves Not great for her euilibriumPlus I learned a new word in this book and I like it            Concupiscence strong sexual desire; lust Geez put “smoldering” or “smouldering” – as they spell it “down under” in front of that and it is pretty HOT Used in a sentence Nora blushed at the graphic evidence of the violent excitement her flustered reaction turning his mockery into smouldering concupiscence Yes This one worked for me Let me tell you how Ms Napier further set the sceneOne thing leads to another and the heroine sweet geek Nora who is a little clumsy pulls a Cinderella maneuver and leaves her shoe behind in a hotel room This is a type of shoe that is NOT her normal conservative style This little number is extremely high to finally elevate her above her cheating boyfriend and goes with a little black party dress I had a hard time determining what the shoe would look like so I put it to a POLL vote in the Harleuin Presents Readers Group This shoe won black sheer linen peep toe Laboutin        image error Nora Lang needs the most dangerous man she can findEnter tycoon Blake MacLeod He normally prefers sophisticated blondes that don't reuire too much of his brainpower But Nora's a challengethe perfect opportunity for a little light relief Until she acuires some important information that he can't risk being leakedNow Blake has to make sure Nora doesn't leave his sight he'll make love to her for a whole weekend

About the Author: Susan Napier

Perhaps being born on Valentine’s Day was an omen that Susan Napier would become a romance writer This New Zealand author has written over 30 Mills & Boon category romances since 1984 Napier and her husband Tony Potter met when they both worked at the Auckland Star newspaper After they married she left the newspaper to work for a film company where she learned the art of dialogue After the bi

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