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Ria was tired of leading a double life James Everett the domineering head of Everett Communications had never found a secretary who could meet his impossible standards not until Ria Duncan came along James demanded cool efficiency and exclusive loyalty from a secretary so Ria donned spectacles and learned to blend in with the sleek office furniture But she couldn't escape her boss's notice As James became increasingly fascinated by his elusive secretary Ria found herself responding to him with a long dormant passion As their attraction grew she wondered what James a confirmed bachelor would think when he discovered she was a warmhearted tempestuous woman the widowed mother of twins and very much in love The Counterfeit Secretary

About the Author: Susan Napier

Perhaps being born on Valentine’s Day was an omen that Susan Napier would become a romance writer This New Zealand author has written over 30 Mills & Boon category romances since 1984 Napier and her husband Tony Potter met when they both worked at the Auckland Star newspaper After they married she left the newspaper to work for a film company where she learned the art of dialogue After the bi

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    An office romance where the secretary heroine feels the need to hide behind a dowdy spinsterish disguise lest her boss chase her round the desk Then BAM one day off the glasses fly down the hair tumbles from its strict bun and the H and h give in to the sexual tension that has been building up between them for eonsI liked the story fine The author managed a plausible and convincing evolution of the hero from a workaholic cynic

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    Ms Napier has a wicked sense of humour and penchant for spunky heroines who have what it takes to match the most difficult of heroes Ria's faced tragedy and adversity and doesn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to make a good life for her and her twin boys Hiding her true nature behind a boring persona to win the ideal job is but a small sacrifice or is it so small? Something she wonders about as she dresses for her 30th birthda

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    RE The Counterfeit Secretary In her second journey to HPlandia SN brings us a tale of office romance with a well disguised h and an Alpha H who really doesn't know what hit him but is going to extract the maximum advantage out of his situation and get his way in the endThat being said the H is not a jerk he has worked very hard for his success and he does date but as he himself says he can count his serious liaisons on the fingers o

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    Love That's what this book is about Learning to love after a huge loss learning to grow and accept and learning to love again in general The heroine lost her husband to a tragedy six years ago but had twin sons out of her marriage Now she is alone except for her father in law helping her raise her sons that's when the hero steps into the picture fully The hero is the heroines boss and he is learning and about his counterfeit secretar

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    Absolutely fabulous read My favorite by SN The only regret is that it ended

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    “The Counterfeit Secretary” is the story or Ria and JamesSo this book has the absurd plot of the heroine making herself look dowdy unattractive while being an efficient secretary to avoid attracting her boss’s attention so much so that it takes him three years to realize she’s a redheadThere are so many things I had a problem with and since I’m mad I shall rant about itview spoiler The heroine is shown to be uite sexually frustrate

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    3 12 stars This was a nice older HP How is it that older Harleys have so much robust stories? More happens and the characters are generally developed deeplycompletely The hero here was interesting and it was fun to watch him become and aware of the heroine and watch him chase her The heroine was super cool and generally kept her head about her and had the hero totally confused Nice story I also loved the father in law and that whole relatio

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    i absolutely loved the first part of the book loved the fun going on wid Ria's disguise as the dowdy lil secretary but somewhere along the line Ria turned into a real bitch and behaved like an ungrateful brat where James was concerned i was disappointed by her behaviour hence i minus one star from the four star i intended to give however the book is still a must read i was scotched from the start and enjoyed myself tremendously until her lil boy

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    Don't know why but the H left me cold Maybe it was the view spoiler reproductive fraud part where he told her he would take care of birth control but deliberately didn't so he could knock her up and trap her hide spoiler

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    Three years ago Ria needed a job that pays well to support herself her twin sons her father in law and pay the mortgage She was desperate and her temp jobs were not helping Therefore when she heard the famous James Everett speaking to his right hand man in a restaurant about needing a special old secretary who wouldn't try to seduce him nor neglect her work for family and marriage she disguised herself as a harridan and applied to the job For three year

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