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An Arranged Marriage A decent Pride Prejudice spin Mr Bennett dies shortly after Darcy's disastrous proposal where Elizabeth rejected him He offers for her again 6 months later when her family is on the brink of having to move from Longborn He makes a contract with Lizzy and will take care of her entire family if she'll marry him and put on a good public face Darcy also promises not to demand his conjugal marital rights that relations would only ever occur if Elizabeth came to him on her own She's thinking When pigs fly So she agrees to a sham marriage A few things were just too contrived like the sleepwalking Still it was nice to see her fall for Darcy and discover that he's a good man A gentleman too he never takes liberties Clean romance They eventually consummate the marriage but nothing detailed Fade to black bedroom shenanigans which was nice because reading dirty Darcy Elizabeth feels so wrong I didn't have to clutch my pearls or anything Can a marriage of convenience ever lead to true love Immediately after Elizabeth Bennet refuses Mr Darcy's proposal at Hunsford her father dies leaving Longbourn entailed away and little fortune to sustain his widow and daughters Six months later the Bennet family receives a visitor with a most unusual offer that promises to save the family from financial and social ruin Elizabeth's sense of duty forces her to enter into an arranged marriage with a man she does not even like Told from Elizabeth's point of view An Arranged Marriage is a compelling twist on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Can Elizabeth overcome her feelings of anger resentment and suspicion toward her new husband and the most bewildering sensation of all a growing attraction for the last man in the world she ever wished to marry Where do you draw the line when playing with Austen's classic? For me unless you are talking about free fanfiction which this is NOT you can play with the events and play with the timeline Just don't ever turn Elizabeth Bennett into a petulant fishwife I think I could have dealt with turning Darcy into the cliched sardonic historical romance nobleman altho I wasn't happy about that eitherDNF I loved this book It is singularly one of the best P P variations I have encountered And it truly made me appreciate being born in the latter half of the 20th century72719 What makes this book so enjoyable is its wonderful use of the English language the author comes very close to capturing the tone of our beloved JA The Author keeps the story from a single POV the first person recollection of Miss Elizabeth Bennet The author only dips into what they ate what they wore when it is extremely germane to the story we don't bog down in minutia There are not a dozen new characters really there is only one of any import There isn't a great bit of traveling around There is angst but it is reasonable and relatable Lizzy isn't a watering pot and Darcy isn't all emo No one is psychotic or abusive There are no over detailed love scenesThis is simply one of the best PP what ifs I have read since I started and that was apparently over 1000 books and stories ago This book would effortlessly be in the top ten and probably the top 5 It is that good and that satisfying And it actually has an epilogue that I enjoyed reading Perfection Like father like sonPerhaps on of the best variations of the ‘a marriage of convenience’ genre What makes this story so very good is that Elizabeth doesn’t rule Darcy so completely and force him to be her lapdog Darcy is maturing to much like his father and not a metrosexual we see in so many variations He is grumpy and changes only so much But Elizabeth also changes and learns to not get her back up so often I found this portrayal uite refreshing Edit 3816 Considering I've read this book than once this year and also skimmed the good bits a few times in between I decided to up my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars I especially love the first Harvest Festival scenewith the pile of hayso good Really really good I usually like stories where Elizabeth and Darcy marry before they understand one another but it was nice that this one was for reasons other than them being compromised Elizabeth definitely did not come to love him uickly and Darcy held tight to his pride for far longer than in most variations which was also refreshing I love seeing the two of them in love of course but in this story I felt they'd really earned it once they got there Also I have a weak spot for stories where Georgiana view spoilerand Colonel Fitzwilliam end up together Not sure why given that a modern day story where first cousins got married would weird me out but if I can accept it in Mansfield Park then I figure I can live with it here hide spoiler I read the first chapter of this book and was immidiately hooked The atmosphere paved out suited the title and the writting was good Unfortunately after about 6 7 chapters I found there was not nearly enough happening and the story got dragged out and ended up in an event for them to be apart for a time I doubt I would mind any of that very much if there was passion between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy in place I would have been happy with just angst Ms Hahn paid attention to other characters throughout the book and it could be a good or a bad thing depends on everyone's interest I guess But for me I didn't particularly find this to be satisfying which is strange considering I'm uite fond of Colonel Fitzwilliam Maybe because I find his storyline to be too obvious? For some reason I didn't enjoy his constant presence as I often do in other variationsEventhough it was a decent read my expectation was pretty high after the first chapter so it ended up on the disappointing end for meI would give it 4 stars for the first 13 part ; 25 stars for the rest Delightful Tale of Discovery This is probably the third time I have read Hahn's remarkablewhat if Each time the depth and texture of his characters becomes increasingly apparent Told in the first person Elizabeth Arranged Marriage shows how two strong personalities can rise above their prejudices to find a powerful love What appeal too is Hahn's ability to write with the androgynous mind removing as much of the femaleness from her style and bringing us both sides of her skillful intellect Her characterizations of her male and female characters are distinct with no shadow of ego at all All is well that ends well But it is a very entertaining road to get there in this story A most worthy tale that I highly recommend Diverging her path from Jane Austen's just days after Darcy's disastrous proposal at Hunsford Parsonage debut author Jan Hahn delivers a riveting Pride and Prejudice variation that is full of conflict deception mystery and romance Similar to Mr Darcy's Proposal by Susan Mason Milks Mr Darcy's Obsession by Abigail Reynolds and To Have His Cake by P O Dixon the characters of this novel are greatly impacted and affected by the death of Mr Bennet Because of Mr Bennet's premature and unfortunate passing the Bennets must leave Longbourn move to smaller lodgings and the eldest daughters must look for governess situations unless Elizabeth accepts the aid and arrangements offered to her by Mr Darcy As you may have guessed given the title of this Pride and Prejudice variation Elizabeth nobly sacrifices her happiness and romantic desires by unwillingly accepting the hand of Mr Darcy the man she emphatically refused to marry just six months before Being the fiercely independent and slightly stubborn heroine we know and love Elizabeth experiences uite an emotionally turbulent journey Throughout the pages of this well crafted variation we witness Elizabeth battle between her anguished grief former prejudices jealous suspicions and her burgeoning feelings of love To continue reading go to

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