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Official Description Devastated by the loss of his Master and long time partner Owen's life slips into a tailspin of loneliness and abuse When he finally gives in and gives up an angel pulls him from the filthy ground of a back alleyMitchell isn't in the market for a new boy but he can’t bear to stand by and watch Owen's demise from the sidelines He finds than a companion in the older man when he takes him under his wing and makes it his mission to show Owen it’s never too late to teach an old dog some new tricksOriginal Prompt Dear AuthorI'm an older sub who has lost my Dom you tell us why Could this younger man with the killer eyebrows be my new love I feel so lost and vulnerable Can I trust this new lover Is this man the one who will provide me with comfort and stabilityPicture Description Two naked wet soapy men one older one younger hold each other in the shower faces turned toward the viewer The younger dark haired man has both arms wrapped around his lover's neck The silver fox has his left hand at his lover's waist his right cupping his lover's assDownload the story read it online or find it in Don't Read in the Closet Volume 2Genre contemporary slave fictionTags gay mm ds kink light BDSMWord Count 9109 Be My Boy

About the Author: Casey K. Cox

Casey K Cox is an avid reader and author of mm erotic fiction Hailing from the West of England she tends to set her stories in the UK although some of her characters have been known to travel in time and space The popular 'Rise of Alec Caldwell' series is now available in print Check out the list of titles available and follow her work at

10 thoughts on “Be My Boy

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    I was hesitating whether to read it or not as I’m not a fan of BDSM stories in general and especially not of masterslave stories But the reviews convinced me to do so and I’m so glad I read it It is such a wonderful story The same soft hand that had dried his tears last night caressed his cheek “Are you real or did I die in my sleep?” It sta

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    Nicely doneUnexpectedly sweet and tender; featuring a balanced emotional spectrum that was neither too angsty nor too flippant

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    Sweet sentimental with a protag over 40? Yesssssss

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    I reuested recommendations of books about an older sub and younger Dom This was one of several recommended Enjoyable and very uick one sitting read well written and leaving me wanting to read by this new to me author Angsty but hopeful and sweet I enjoyed that despite his youth and inexperience Mitchell took charge with enough confidence to set his own rule

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    So this is not my type of theme at all Master slave just not something I enjoy but I loved this book except the opening scene was too much for me if it would have started at the end of that scene I would have given it five stars It took me a while to get past the opening scene but this story rocked

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    Loved it and pretty original take on Masterslave relationship

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    I needed a little palette cleanser and this hit the spot A year after his Master Cole's death Owen is lost and almost literally in the gutter At 47 he hasn't had a job for over 15 years other than being a slavehousehusband and that's not a marketable skill He's been kicked out of his home by Cole's evil sister and finds himself turning tricks for sadists at a BDSM cl

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    I really enjoyed this and the older boy with the younger master was very refreshing Owen is vulnerable and sweet and conditoned to serve And everyone who sees him is missing that the man is a treasure Until Mitchell I loved the alpha in him layered in kindness I am not a big fan of BDSM but this one showed me the tenderness that it can be and how reassuring Highly recom

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    3 Master and Boy stars He may be older; Mitchell may be the boy in literal terms in their relationship but there was no doubt in either of their minds which way the power flowed A bittersweet and kinda dark tale with a twist in stereotypes A short story in the collection Don't Read in the Closet Volume Two from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011 Click HERE f

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    Awesome story Casey I really enjoyed the Ms relationship between these two men I am not a fan of humiliation or the passing around of a slave SO I was than tickled shitless for Owen when Mitchell outlined his rules I’m not into humiliation so you don’t have to worry about that What I want is someone to care for who will care for me in return” HOOK The only big rule is

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