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Organization Development Organization development is the systematic method of taking an objective look at how an organization is operating gathering information and then deciding on the most appropriate action to help that organization develop and improve Written by two leading experts in the field Organization Development describes how OD can be used effectively in today's economy to create organizations that maximize their capability The authors provide advice on using diagnostic techniues to identify an organization's needs and on how to use them across a range of areas With case studies and expert advice Organization Development offers practical ideas and examples of how to make an organization efficient

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    This was a fairly good textbook in an area I knew little about For a ‘small’ book it was uite dense with a lot of content packed into the chapters However it covers the greater part of OD without overwhelming the reader too much I really appreciated Cheung Judge

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    What a tome Full of great insights but so densely packed and often difficult to absorb This probably says about me than it does about the book I didn't get all the way through it but I expect different sections are worth revisiting as different OD needs arise

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    This is a fairly specialist book that looks at polishing and lubricating; polishing your company and making sure that it is running as effectively and efficiently as possible through its well lubricated operations Or if you prefer a dry description “organization development is th

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    Organization Developmentis a textbook for students and aspiring management consultants It explains a specific approach to organizational change management the theories and practices of Organization Development It's not an easy read as you need to process a lot of information while you are

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    This journal is a must have for every OD HR and People consultant expert I say that as the author takes you to travel a journey that commenced the very exsistance of OD T Groups understand the basics of development consultancy and change managment

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    More on the practical side of Organization Development Had some useful models explained However I would have preferred if it was even practical with guides and tools

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