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Belong to Me She’s undercover and in over her headWhen FBI analyst Tara Jacobs’s fellow agent and best friend goes missing while investigating a sex ring Tara goes undercover as a submissive in a Dallas BDSM club called Dominion But no man can top a woman with Tara’s moxie convincingly enough—until an edgy dangerous Dom takes control of the scene and sets her heart racing with a single commanding glance Too bad he’s also the man who stole her innocence years ago—and one to whom she will never submitHe’s got everything under controluntil he falls for her againNavy SEAL Logan Edgington once left the woman he loved to save her life He knows Tara will never forgive him but he has no doubt that he possesses the knowledge to help her master her fears and the strength to guide her through an unfamiliar world of pleasure and pain He alone can protect her on a dangerous mission that reveals both wicked depravities and terrible secrets Logan relishes the exuisite torture of holding her again and feeling her uninhibited response No matter how much Tara insists their fling will end after this mission he’s determined that she will be his once —and this time he’ll never let her go OMG I Loved Loved Loved this story I must admit that the only other book in this series that I really liked was Wicked Ties and I loved Jack In my opinion this book and Logan tie with itLogan was just so in love with Tara and my heart broke for him at what he had to do to protect her What a sweet manMy only complaint would be that Tara took too long to trust and believe Logan I know she had been hurt but come on he told you why She was too wishy washy Why does SB make her heroine's like that?Now Xander he is uite the character God I laughed at some of the things he said I can't wait to read his story She'd never reuired someone for her next breath the way she did Logan in that moment God she'd been hoping to bring them both closure but now he felt like a part of her so necessary to her existence Finally Finally I was beginning to think it would never happen in the Wicked Lovers series but Shayla Black finally gave me a heroine who was completely and totally worthy of the hero Sure Tara had her moments of insecurity and doubt but she didn’t have those gawd awful annoying “I belong to no man” yadda yadda yadda moments that the women in the previous books had She’s an intelligent woman who when she started having doubts about him took the time to think things through and was willing to give Logan a chance to prove or explain himself She was secure enough in herself and her abilities that she didn’t have to fight him at every opportunity to prove she was as smart or as strong or as capable as anyone else Can I just tell you how refreshing that is especially in this series?And Logan Wow I'll try to keep my inner caveman at bay Hey baby don't hold back on my account Just sayin'So anyway I had no idea I’d love Logan as much as I do Alpha? Oh yeah But not stupidly so He was able to see and appreciate Tara’s abilities and while he absolutely wanted to protect her he didn’t smother her And his unconditional love felt so real to meThe bottom line Belong to Me had action romance holy hell hot BDSM scenes and a hero and heroine I could actually care about The only thing missing was Jack sigh Cole Despite some eye rolling moments and twists that felt somewhat forced my faith has been restored in this series and I can’t wait for the next book Mine to Hold when we finally get – THANK YOU SHAYLA BLACK – Tyler’s story Despite the heavy BDSM theme not really my cuppa I rather enjoyed this book especially after they left the hero's 'dungeon' or training roomLogan Edgington is a Navy SEAL on leave for a few weeks While on leave he likes to spend time at Dallas's private BDSM club Dominion He's a Dom and he likes his women submissive Logan hasn't had sex for the last 5 years he's been hung up over his high school love Tara or Cherry as he likes to call her So while he may be 'playing' at Club Dominion he's not going 'all the way' with his subs he leaves that to his 'clean up man' and good buddy Xander this guy needs a book of his own Logan Twelve years ago 16 year old Tara Jacobs was living a dreamwhich then ended in a nightmare Studious Tara was dating high school jock Logan and she had just surrendered her virginity to him All was right in her world until Logan's mother was killed and then he pushed Tara away breaking her young heart She never got over their breakup feeling humiliated and angered Years passed Tara moved on and became an FBI agent to please her stepfather retired agent and tried to put Logan out of her mind She even became engaged to a man who didn't really excite her but one she thought she could count on Then she got her first field assignment Her fellow agent and friend Darcy had gone undercover at a BDSM club where subs were being kidnapped and sold to foreign billionaires with some mighty kinks But Darcy hasn't been heard from and the fear is that her cover's been blown and she's either dead or on the selling block Tara will do anything to save her friend even if it means that she will now have to go undercover at the same club to save her But before she can do that she'll need some training as a submissive The FBI gets cooperation from the club owner of Dominion who will provide one of their Doms to train Tara so she can pass convincingly as a sub And guess who gets the assignment? Her old friend Logan Logan Okaaayif BDSM is your thing you're going to love this book If it's not you're going to have to hang in there for about half the book because that's about as long as it takes to get things rolling towards Tara going undercover Don't get me wrong bootylicious Tara and talented tongue Logan were hot together but the BDSM stuff just isn't for me Luckily Logan wasn't into anything degrading or painful no welts just your standard kink And Tara who according to her FBI profile had 'submissive' tendencies that's how she got the assignment was a willing sub Of course it took Logan what seemed like forever to finally tell Tara the real reason he broke up with her view spoilerhis mother's unknown killer had threatened Tara's life if Logan continued to see her hide spoiler 6 HAWT in training starsHoly shitwell what other books from this series didn't do for me this one pulled it off just fineand hello Loganmy Chesire cat grin is back on I can't help itwon't say much further but I'll give a full display on what's going on through my head after reading this by Adam Lambert's song For your entertainment So hot out of the box Can we pick up the pace Turn it up heat it up I need to be entertained Push the limit are you with it? Baby don't be afraid Imma hurt you real good babyLet's go it's my show baby do what I sayDon't trip off the glitz that I'm gonna displayI told you Imma hold ya down until you're amazedGive it to ya til you're screamin' my nameNo escaping when I start Once I'm in I own your heartThere's no way you'll ring the alarm So hold on until it's overOh Do you know what you got into Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do'Cause it's about to get rough for you I'm here for your entertainment Oh I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet You thought an angel swept you off your feetBut I'm about to turn up the heat I'm here for your entertainment'Sall right You'll be fineBaby I'm in controlTake the pain Take the pleasureI'm the master of bothClose your eyes not your mindLet me into your soul I'm gonna work it 'til you're totally blownNo escaping when I start Once I'm in I own your heartThere's no way you'll ring the alarm So hold on 'til it's over And you can repeat the chorus by yourselfover and over and over againI'm already left hot and bothered while challenging my own personal bounderiesDamn

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