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The Picts and the Martyrs or Not Welcome at All Friendship resourcefulness and sailing too Arthur Ransome's Swallows and s series has stood the test of time More than just great stories each one celebrates independence and initiative with a colorful large cast of charactersIn The Picts the Martyrs those two Blackett sisters are back at it again and Nancy is right there in the thick of it Their mother doubtless suffering from exhaustion has gone off sailing in the North Sea with Captain Flint on a rest cure but she has allowed her two daughters to stay a fortnight at Beckfoot on the lakeshore with their trusty cook She's also permitted their two old friends Dick and Dorothea Callum to come up for a visit But when their redoubtable Great Aunt aka G A hears of their abandonment she's horrified and off on the next trainThe s are dismayed; not only will their solo holiday be ruined but now they'll have to hide their two guests in the woods in an abandoned shepherd's cottage where they'll be forced to live off the land like savages ergo The Picts while they'll be reuired to dress up in white pinafores practice the pianoforte and recite reams of parlor poetry aloud ergo The MartyrsThe entire Swallows and s series is for children or grownups anyone captivated by a world of adventure and imagination exploring and setting sail

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    Apparently Evgenia Mrs Ransome didn't like this one at all I really can't understand why this is probably my favourite of the series even though it lacks the Swallows Perfectly paced beautifully plotted and back in the Lakes What's not to like?I have also always thought that this is the one that ought to be dramatised I ca

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    In the next book of the series s Nancy and Peggy are very excited to have been left on their own at home along with guests Dorothy and Dick But when the dreaded Great Aunt hears the news she decides her presence is reuired and the s come up with an unlikely scheme to keep her happy and to hide their guests I was dubious abo

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    I just finished re reading this book and it is one of my favourites from Ransome’s world In my opinion this book shows Ransome’s gift for characterisation at its bestThe themes are gentle but so entertaining and well written The number of near misses keeps you on the edge of your seat when you consider whether the Great

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    I just love this whole series of books I wish I had grown up with them but at least I've found them as an adult My fiancé read me this one out loud and his GA voice is just the best

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    The last in the series which I don't think I'd read before A bit plodding for most of the book but it was saved by a breathless ending you couldn't have seen coming

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    Do you really think she is going to make it very awful? said DorotheaPretty awful I expect said Peggy She usually doesDick Dorothea and the s expect a blissful time of adventures and sailing while Nancy and Peggy's Mother and Uncle Jim are away but when the s GA Great Aunt decides she needs to come to oversea things all their

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    Not the very best of his books but better than most that other people write He has a magical gift for taking you there showing you the world though the eyes of people you are nothing like except I hope in kindness concern and a lively interest in the natural world interesting you in things that might otherwise pass you by and br

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    Not sure why I keep going back and re re reading Arthur Ransome's kid's books because they're good I guess They're set in the English Lake Country mostly in the 1920s I think and the adventures revolve around sailing and camping In this one a horrible old maiden aunt makes trouble for the kids and they in turn plot deviously to f

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    This may be the most fun of all the Swallows and s books We miss the original fam of John and Susan and Roger and Titty but good fun is had by Dick and Dot and of course Peggy and Nancy and a jolly cast of other characters most notably including the dreaded Great Aunt or GA whose long shadow of fear covers nine tenths of the book

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    Growing up the Swallows and s series by Arthur Ransome was one of my favorite series When I decided to re read it as an adult I was worried that it would not stand the test of time I was delighted to find that in general found it just as enjoyable now as I did as a child The characters writing style and adventures are great and I t

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