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Credo Christian faith presented with brilliant clarity and deep understanding, for the widest possible audience [Reading] ➷ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen – for the widest possible audience

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    K ng chose Bultmann over Barth decades ago, but it can be said in his defense that he really made the most of this choice Credo says exactly what K ng readers would expect Still, it s not just a short version of Christianity Nor is it aofficial version of What I Believe In It s actually the best introduction not only to k ngian theology but to liberal Catholicism as a whole It s not an

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    Cosa significa oggi Credo in questo libro compatto ma completo Kung rianalizza tutti gli elementi del Credo cattolico, cercando di dirci cosa significa oggi credere a Ges Cristo e anche cosa NON significa Si va quindi dalla creazione del mondo fino alla morte di Ges , in brevi paragrafi nei quali Kung non si nega alle domande pi dirette e scomode del mondo contemporaneo Una lettura interess

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    Es posible creer todo eso En este libro el te logo Hans K ng interpreta los art culos del Credo de forma actualizada, basado en las Escrituras, con honestidad intelectual y con una amplitud ecum nica Teniendo como finalidad el seguimiento de Jes s para que el hombre pueda vivir, obrar, sufrir, morir,de modo aut nticamente humano.

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    Kung is a controversial theologian, but in this book on the Apostles Creed, presents a very reasoned interpretation of the creed There is very little supernatural in Kung s theology, which aligns to quite a few modern, liberal Christian theologians To be clear, however, Kung still very much believes in his message To believe in the creator of the world means to affirm in enlightened trust that the ul

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    Need to re read this, especially in conversation with J D Crossan s work.

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    Nota Cr tica redactada en 1995 El autor repasa el credo analiz ndolo frase por frase desde la religi n moderna muy moderna, podr amos decir A K ng lo tuvieron y lo tienen bastante atravesado en la jerarqu a cat lica oficial Le han revocado el permiso para ense ar teolog a pero no lo han apartado del sacerdocio, cosa muy curiosa En este libro K ng saca el hacha y argumenta en contra del parto virginal de Mar a,

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    A very interesting study of the Apostle s Creed There is no superstition in this book, only thoughtful, logical interpretation on behalf of the author In fact, K ng writes as if he were in dialogue with someone , contemporaries , believers and sceptics and answers their anticipated questions.There is a part during the discussion on suffering where Auschwitz is mentioned, and that is where my two favorite quotes are

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    I read this Hans K ng book, Credo , subtitled The Apostles Creed Explained for Today over time It is broken down into over 60 subsections, often framed almost like a FAQ section Example What resurrection does and does not mean I appreciate these Christian beliefsfor having thoroughly explored them with Hans K ng.

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