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Topology This introduction to topology provides separate in depth coverage of both general topology and algebraic topology Includes many examples and figures GENERAL TOPOLOGY Set Theory and Logic Topological Spaces and Continuous Functions Connectedness and Compactness Countability and Separation Axioms The Tychonoff Theorem Metrization Theorems and paracompactness Complete Metric Spaces and Function Spaces Baire Spaces and Dimension Theory ALGEBRAIC TOPOLOGY The Fundamental Group Separation Theorems The Seifert van Kampen Theorem Classification of Surfaces Classification of Covering Spaces Applications to Group Theory For anyone needing a basic thorough introduction to general and algebraic topology and its applications

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    Overrated and outdated Truth be told this is of an advanced analysis book than a Topology book since that subject began with Poincare's Analysis Situs which introduced in a sense and dealt with the two functors homology and homotopy The only point of such a bas

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    After making my way through Dover's excellent Algebraic Topology and Combinatorial Topology sadly out of print I was recommended this on account of its 'clean accessible' 1 layout and its wise choice of 'not completely dedicating itself to the Jordan curve theorem' 2I

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    This is the topology book for self study Extremely clear full of examples Assumes no background and gets very far on the general topology front does Uryssohn and Nagata Smirnov metrization Brouwer fixed point dimension theory manifold embeddings There's a huge section on alge

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    Excellent book on point set topology The introduction chapter is also exceptional I did as many exercises as I could out of this textbook as an undergraduate one summer and I believe that doing so took my mathematical maturity to the next level

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    It is clear and really good introduction to the subject I take one month to finish it after my advanced Calculus class but still learn a lot from the book It is an example of text book for self study

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    Munkres is goofy as well as a good teacher This book is readable and has excellent explanations Well organized I took it to class and made notes in the margins An excellent introduction to topology

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    it's not so bad i judt hate topology a lot This boom pretends to be a nice introduction book but it is almost impossible to understand without a teacher or some online topology lectures

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    Truly an incredible book for an incredible topic

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    Great book Very clear proofs and examples Everyone who studies math should eventually go through this book

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