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Yobo Korean American Writing in Hawai'I Cultural Writing Poetry Fiction Asian American Studies This special issue of Bamboo Ridge No 82 is guest edited by Nora Okja Keller Comfort Woman Fox Girl Brenda Kwon Sun Namkung Gary Pak The Watcher of Waipuna The Ricepaper Airplane and Cathy Song Picture Bride The Land of Bliss Contributors include HONOLULU Magazine editor at large David K Choo Ploughshares editor Don Lee Yellow Chris McKinney The Tattoo The ueen of Tears and former Hawai'i State Representative Jackie Young From the earliest plantation experiences to modern life and culture in the 50th state topics explored by the writers chronicle the Korean American experience through evocative essays poetry and prose

About the Author: Nora Okja Keller

Nora Okja Keller is a Korean American author

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