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Eldar Prophecy Warhammer 40000 Novels I am not a particular fan of C S Goto but this book is something of a stand out exception for meFor warhammer 40K fans it offers an interesting glimpse not only into the world of an Eldar Craftworld but one with a twist of isolationism One of my friends commented that the details from this book would make a fantastic background for a Eldar Craftworld Necromunda campaign such is the detail that the author produces It even has a Language Appendix at the back of the bookIt is the story of a lonely craftworld with little to no contact with the outer 40k universe As a result the alien Eldar on this world ship have fragmented into an almost feudal society with only the Aspect Warrior staying neutral as various factions vay for power The story has some stand out twists and the characters are put in danger at unexpected timesThis is a really good read for any 40K player particularly those who collect an Eldar army I warn you; it will give you ideas Saga of the Eldar craftworld Kaelor adrift since The FallA cautionary tale on the conseuences of decadenceThe brothersister protagonists are reminiscent of DuneAnd the Eldar bear than a passing resemblance to ADD 2nd Edition DrowMany plot threads are unresolved setting up a series of seuelsAppendix on the history of the Eldar Eldar Prophecy is a very interesting and very bold Warhammer 40K novel in fact a too bold for his own good It creates a dramatic atmosphere of a decadent world of a decadent and once glory civilization and mixes it with strange mythology and unbelievable scenes of carnage As I love the Eldar I enjoyed the novel and for me it was very interesting However I can say that it way too weird for its own good and sometimes it simply looks like a mess Similar in tone and idea but infinitely better as realization and style is Path of the Warrior another Eldar novel by Gav Thorpe Still I have already read it and so I am happy that I read Eldar Prophecy too I'd very much like however a novel in which the Eldar fight their dark cousins What I learned from this book is that Games Workshop really hates giving you any stories from the point of view of non humans without making them a special case Though well written I didn't like how it basically threw away half of what made the Eldar who they were to fans Still it's better written than about 85% of the GW books I've read so it's worth having a go if you are a 40K fan So not eldar also myriad useless informations butchering the whole story all along If you've ever liked the fiction based around the Eldar in Warhammer 40K you should avoid this book I like pulp Isolated and alone the eldar craftworld Kaelor floats through the dark reaches of space Exacting vengeance on those who brought low his ancestors a youthful eldar warrior wreaks destruction across the craftworld but can the prophecy that drives him be trusted or are darker forces at work

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