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Living With ME Chronic Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome It is estimated that there are over 100000 people suffering from ME in Britain today Although not a new disease ME also known as 'yuppie flu' is at last being recognised and taken seriously ME is short for MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYSELITIS a term which relates to the parts of the body affected MYALGIC the muscles; ENCEPHALO the brain; and MYSELITIS the nervesUntil recently many people suffering from ME had great difficulty in finding a diagnosis and a way of dealing effectively with their chronic fatigue This comprehensive guide provides much needed information about the disease It describes the symptoms of ME what triggers it and who can get it and also discusses additional problems such as sleep disorders depression pain in the joints and difficulties with the eyes ears and balanceA well researched comprehensive guide LIVING WITH ME is THE book to buy for any ME sufferer who wants information not speculation

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    I have had this illness since 1989 and have found this book a good help

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    This is one of the first books I got after becoming ill with ME and it is partly responsible for my remaining ignorant of the basic facts of the disease for so long and also played a role in the illness severely worsening over timeShepherds book is an utter contradiction It has a small amount of solid information and research about ME in it but it also strongly reinforces some of the most

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    A very thorough and interesting round up of all the research surrounding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME It was a little inaccessible in parts but I found it helpful to have so much information in one place A great reference book and one I'd encourage every ME sufferer to read

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    I’ve given it four stars because there is some helpful advice here and it’s certainly very comprehensive however this book is very out of date and overdue for a rewrite So much research has taken place since this was written that it needs a complete overhaul in terms of the scientific information and some of the medical advice As medical advisor to the ME Association Dr Shepherd is in a

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