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The Patron Saints Handbook Who was St Genesius and why is he the patron saint of actors Why is St Th r se of Lisieux who was a cloistered nun the patron saint of missionaries Is there a patron saint for automobile mechanics How about for athletes Bestselling Catholic writer Mitch Finley answers these uestions and in this delightful book of one hundred saints and the occupations groups or causes they are associated with These are listed alphabetically and cross indexed with a list of the saints featured in the book making it easy to find either the saint or the cause In each short selection Finley describes the life of the saint and why he or she has been selected as a patron Finley's popular style makes this book fun to read A great resource to keep on your shelf for years to come A thoughtful gift for Confirmation or other occasions I loved the biography of Saint Christina Mitch Finley's compassion drips throughout the book which is something that charmed me

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