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Cion A Novel A Picador Paperback OriginalThe hero of Zakes Mda's beloved Ways of Dying Toloki sets down with a family in Middle America and uncovers the story of the runaway slaves who were their ancestorsToloki the professional mourner has come to live in America Lured to Athens Ohio by an academic at the local university Toloki makes friends with an angry young man he meets at a Halloween parade and soon falls in love with the young man's sister Toloki endears himself to a local uilting group and his uilting provides a portal to the past a story of two escaped slaves seeking freedom in OhioMaking their way north from Virginia with nothing but their mother's uilts for a map the boys hope to find a promised land where blacks can live as free men Their story alternates with Toloki's as the two narratives cast a new light on America in the twenty first century and on an undiscovered legacy of the Underground Railroad

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    I had not read of Ways of Dying or heard of Zakes Mda before reading the Essence article that featured Cion as the October 2007 book of the month Based on the article's synopsis I knew it was a book I wanted to read so I ordered it immediately in doing so I have no regrets what a

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    I was befuddled initially but so glad I stuck with it If you are familiar with Athens County OH or Ohio University's Halloween bash you'll be interested in this

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    When I reached page 100 I decided I liked this book 3 stars by page 200 I thought 4 stars Now I’ve finished it and it is definitely 5 stars It’s simply gorgeous subtle multilayered plot lovable infuriating characters so real you’ll feel you know them a perspective on America

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    I read this book for bookgroup; I had not read the first in the series I did not care for the book I found it meandering and not terribly interesting nor did I particularly like any of the characters in it

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    It took me a little while to figure out what was going on in this book and many of the characters never developed in my imagination but I really liked it The author does a great job intervweaving a past story line with the present The past story is about slavery in the US south; the

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    Masterfully constructed Zakes Mda is a wordsmith this book both easy to read and captivating Its switching timelines are excellent and the issues it tackles are broad Highly recommend and the preuel is not necessary though I imagine just as fascinating

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    A Big Thumbs DownThis book Cion by Zakes Mda is very hard to read especially in the beginning It is a far fetched disconnected story that jumps all over the place To top it off the main character Toloki is a professional mourner It is full of vile sexual content and foul language The b

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    This is a wonderful book written by a South African now an American who lived through the apartheid in his country I was amazed at how well he portrayed the events of American slavery showing how two brothers one sired by a white man and the other by a slave escape to freedom via the de

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    This book was definitely something else I really liked it but still don't uite know what to make of it It's well written and I really like the way Mda weaves the chapters through past and presentI have a special affinity for any author who plays with time in narrative This book also made

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    Oh my goodness I don't know what to say I loved it I guess although admitedly it was confusing It was very circular or maybe spiral y I love the story though and I love the dignity Mda gives to the undeniably ignorant Because people deserve respect first and foremost on the basis of bein

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